Couple of years ago, there was a newly found substance by the name of carrageenan entered the market. It basically became the new gluten and sugar in every day life.

But the fact is, people started getting terrified by it, because some studies showed that rats developed cancer after a certain time of consuming this compound.

Popular Food

Popular Food

So, what is this compoud? The carrageenan is a natural emulsifier that contributes to the viscosity and thickness of the final product, and it is commonly found in the processed food.

It has been used since the 19th century, and plenty of countries in the world, including China, Brasil, Japan, United States and Europe found it to be safe for consumption.

We can find this additive in various products, such as dairy products, frozen desserts, ice cream, even in make up, pet food, toothpaste and some household items.

The fun fact is that you can extract it at your home in your kitchen, from seaweed. Just cook some seaweed with a little salt, add a bit of alcohol inside and mix it with a blender to create the natural carrageenan.

But one question remains here – if it is so easy to make at home, is it really safe to use? No matter what the media tells you, you should always dig deeper and find out on your own.

Something you should know about the carrageenan is that in a study in 2001, where rats were included, large amount of this compound was given to them and all of them, no exceptions, led them to have cancer.

This led to a big scare and most of the people became aware of what they were actually consuming.

Later on, the carrageenan and other additives, when researched deeper, were found to contribute to a distress in the gastrointestinal area, making more and more people avoid the food with this additive.

So, the main issue arises – if the carrageenan is safe to use by many countries, and it has been that way from many, many years, why are people from recently becoming aware about the effects and try to stay away from it?

There are some things that you absolutely have to be aware about if you are planning to go carrageenan free. If you happen to be suffering from digestion problems of any kind, make sure you stay away from this additive, and include more whole foods in your dieting plan.

When you purchase brands like dairy products in the store, make sure you pick the ones without this compound in them.

Check the labels on your items in the household and the toothpaste you use to make completely sure about the carrageenan.

And if you want to avoid cancer, remember that one product, one package of a product cannot make you feel any worse or instantly create a tumor in the body.

This can only be possible if you include a variety of processed foods filled with carrageenan in your every day lifestyle.

Even though the most natural way is to eat fresh and unprocessed foods like fruits and vegetables every day, the truth is that we all consume processed foods. This is why it is of utmost importance to make a balance.

If you consume plain Greek yogurt, baking ingredients, non dairy milk, protein powders and other less processed foods that may contain carrageenan, they still may be good for you because they can provide you with some health benefits.

If you happen to be in need of some tips that will help you choose the healthier choice of foods while in the store, and distinguishing the carrageenan from the carraggeenan free ones, here are some tips.

When you read the back of a label, the first five ingredients of it should be very well known to you. The ingredients are listed by how much they are present in a certain product, so make sure you read well.

  • Avoid products that contain refined sugar, any type of food dye and hydrogenated oil, because these compounds have often been linked to health issues.
  • When it comes to avoiding the additives, bear in mind that even though they are made from whole and natural foods, they are still the cause of many digestion problems. Think twice before you make a bad choice for you and your closest.

Remember, you are completely in charge of your own body and health. If you find the carraggeenan to be something that disrupts your digestion, then stop consuming it.

If you can tolerate it, consume as little as you can and stay safe. Filld up your dietary plan with natural, whole foods and next time, make decisions about your food choices based on your knowledge and research.