Soy milk is a great option for those who can’t normally drink milk. Not just for vegetarians and vegans, but is useful for all those who try to avoid the intake of fat, because it contains very little fat. It is great for those who suffer from heart problems.

But despite the beneficial ingredients, soy and its products contain relatively large number of unfavorable and dangerous ingredients that can cause serious damage to your health. Unfavorable ingredients in the seeds of soybean: Inhibitors of enzymes in the digestive process, haemagglutinin, genetically modified soybean species, pesticides applied in its production.

Popular Drink Can Destroy Thyroid

Popular Drink Can Destroy Thyroid

Should we care that we drink too much soy milk? What is a healthy amount of intake of soy milk? To answer these questions you need to know how soy milk is made.

To make soy milk, you must soak soy beans in water. This process will soft grains, and the resulting mixture of soybeans and water get so-called soy milk, which is not really milk.

However, a cup of soy milk contains approximately the same number of calories as a cup of milk from a cow. One cup of whole cow’s milk contains 120 calories, contain nearly as lean soy milk.

The reason more people drink soy milk due to the fact that almost no saturated fat, and drinking soy milk reduced risk of heart attack and stroke and the occurrence of other heart diseases. However, soy milk contains 5 grams of fat in one cup, so it will not avoid the intake of fat in the body.

One of the biggest lie of modern times is the news that soy milk is good for health. Despite the fact that soy used in the diet in many cases is genetically modified, this product are added additives and certain toxic chemicals that have been shown to have a connection with causing birth defects, diseases of the reproductive organs and cancer.

The impact of isoflavone reduce thyroid function causes the development of hypothyroidism. Because thyroid function is important for brain development in children at an early age, especially in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, excessive consumption of soy and its products during pregnancy can damage the developing brain and disruption of reproductive authorities.

Consuming soya milk can cause vitamin 12 deficiency. Soy milk also can support growth of breast cancer.

Many studies are confirmed that soy milk can cause colon cancer, gastroinstestinal inflammation.