First, there were the artificial eggs spreading among the supermarkets in China, and now, there is supposedly some form of plastic rice spreading across several Asian countries.

Apparently, this news came in after the artificial rice started appearing on social media such as on Facebook and on WhatsApp. We have a reason to believe that this type of rice is currently spreading  across Singapore.

Plastic Rice

Even though this fake rice was sold only in China, there is no doubt that it found its place in the markets of other countries such as India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

According to all of the consumers, the fake rice can be found in the packages of many famous brands. The customers have reported that this is a rice that causes gastritis and stomach related diseases when it is consumed.

Also, plenty of people  confirmed that you cannot spot this rice alone because it is cleverly disguised and mixed with normal rice.

When it comes to the health experts, they give us a fair warning – consuming this plastic rice will cause some serious damage on  your digestive system because it is coated with poisonous resin.

On the other hand, the International Business Times claims that this form of rice is made out of a mixture which is consisted of sweet potatoes, regular potatoes and synthetic resin. This kind of a malicious deceit within the food industry has been circling around the markets for too long now.

The really bad news is that it looks exactly the same as the regular, natural rice.

To add to this, the Ministry of Malaysian agriculture strongly denies receiving any form of a report about this plastic rice being put into production. They stand firm on their argument that if such thing as a  plastic rice really does exist, it is sold in small shops, and not the regular supermarkets involved.