The process of losing weight can sometimes be a true struggle, no matter what dietary approach you take. But despite that, more and more researchers every day find out that the plant based meals can actually help you a lot with that issue.

The secret to a healthier life is to eat more plant based, whole foods, and to avoid artificial, animal based or vegan based foods. And even though we all know that there is no such thing as a perfect diet, you can easily create a fine balance.

Plant Based Foods

Plant Based Foods


The plant based food include all vegetables and fruits, nuts, legumes, seeds. It excludes the oils, sugar, and any refined product.

But why should we choose the plant based foods?

Because the nutrients that are found in all of these products will provide you with longevity, reduce the risk of obesity, provide you with a better heart health, lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, contain anti inflammatory properties and can even fight off severe diseases such as diabetes type 2, high cholesterol, heart diseases, and obesity.

Another question arises – but what about the carbs?

Aren’t these foods filled with carbs and will lead to obesity? Well, the answer is no. First and foremost, our bodies need the carbs as much as they need any other nutrient, protein, healthy fats etc.

We get the carbs that make us fat from the refined foods, not from the whole grain foods. In fact, studieshave shown that these foods, because they are rich in fiber, give you a feeling of satiety, making you eat less instead of more.

Another mind blowing fact is that youd body does not even digest the carbs, they are used to eliminate the toxins out of the body and to keep the blood sugar level in order.

Always keep it in your mind that the plant based foods are rich in fiber and water, so you don’t need to worry about anything by consuming them.

So, the best way to improve your health and lose some weight is to try to eat more of these foods,but also bear in mind that you should mix them with omega 3 healthy fats or animal protein, as well as to remember that for a healthy body you don’t have to consume 100% of this food.

This is why we have prepared some recipes for you, to ease you into the process of obtaining your plant based food diet.

  • The first choice is the oat porridge with berries and either chia or flax seed. The oatmeal is the best food you need to include in your diet because it will keep you full for a longer period of time, and it is a common food for the body builders because it retains the lean muscle mass. It is filled with protein, Vitamin B, iron, calcium, magnesium and 12 grams of fiber. The berries, with the high amount of Vitamin C keep the immune system upbeat, and reduce the cortisol levels. Finally, the chia or flax are filled with fiber, omega 3 and protein.

For this recipe you will need ½ cup  of oats, a cup of fresh or frozen berries, 2 tablespoons of ground flax or a tablespoon of chia seeds and unsweetened non dairy milk.

Prepare them by mixing them all up nicely, and there it is – the healthy breakfast you do not want to miss out on!

  • The other recipe is comprised out of kale, lentils, quinoa and zuchinni. There ingredients are all low in calories, starting with the kale. It is high in fiber, and one of the best green veggies. The quinoa is a complete source of protein and also magnesium, iron, potassium and Vitamin B. A great souce of amino acids and omega 3 healthy fats too. The lentils are high in fiber as well as in protein, a great source of zinc and iron and they can improve the lean body mass, reduce weight, preserve the health of the heart, brain, and maintain a healthy blood sugar levels. Finally, the zuchinni is quite the overlooked ingredient, yet filled with potassium and Vitamin C. Because it is filled with fiber, it maintains the feeling of satiety and is the best ingredient with a lovely taste that you would like to include in your dietary plan.

Here are the ingredients for this recipe. You will need two cups of organic baby kale, ¼ cup of dried split red lentils, ½ cup of quinoa flakes, juice of a lemon, onelarge zuchinni, black pepper, a tablespoon of raw cashews, a cup of low sodium vegetable broth and a dash of salt (this is optional).

Rinse the lentils and the quinoa and put them in a pot, along with the low sodium vegetable broth.first, bring them to a boil, and them cook on medium heat, uncovered for half an hour. Meanwhile, steam up the zuchinni, and cover it with the lemon juice and the pepper just for flavor.

Now, put the pot away, add the zuchinni, and stir well. Toss in the baby kale and maybe a bit of salt and cook them up for about five minutes or so. Serve with spices and cashews.

  • The final recipe is the green protein smoothie. The green vegetables act as a healthy package to you, so there is not one reason why not to implement them in your diet. Because you cannot consume all of them at once, the best way to consume them is if you put them in a smoothie. The bad news is that these green smoothies are usually filled with fruits, which cannot help you in the process of losing weight as well as the green veggies can. This is why in these recipe you will find a lot more veggies and a lot less fruits. You will also get a lot of lean protein from all the seeds that are included.

Here are the ingredients – a cup of frozen mixed berries, 2 cups organic baby spinach or kale, a tablespoon of hemp seeds, tablespoon of chia seeds and a tablespoon of ground flax seeds, ¼ cup of whole grain oats, and a tablspoon of raw almonds. You fill need one and a half a cup of filtered water and some ice cubes.

Put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend them all in. Blend it until it is thick and creamy. Consume it as a breakfast or even lunch in some cases, it is extremely nutrient.

Remember, if you are struggling with obesity, or just want to lose some weight, the processed and junk food is not the path you want to take. Choose this diet and pick the plant based foods. We have shown you that they are filled with nutrients, and much more, ad there isn’t one reason why you should not switch to them now.

You can add Greek yogurt, fish, or even egg whites to this dieting plan. Keep your portion sizes normal and don’t overeat. Stay healthy!