Is there a single person in the world that does not love tomatoes? Other than being quite delicious, they are a fruit that contains plenty of Vitamin C and lycopene, which basically reinforces your immune system and helps in preventing various conditions and diseases.

What the lycopene is, it is a rare antioxidant the gives the color to the tomato, and it can also be found in carrots, papaya, guava and the watermelon. This very powerful antioxidant fights against the damage the free radicals can do in the body, and plenty of studies have confirmed that it can significantly reduce the risk of any cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Plant and Harvest

Plant and Harvest

The lycopene can also delay the process of aging and neutralize the harmful effects the UV rays can have on the body.This particularly amazing nutrient has long been the subject of plenty of studies which have all ultimately confirmed that the tomatoes are able to reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 50%.

There have even been studies that show how the lycopene can fight lung, skin and esophageal cancer, even though more research is needed here. About 100 grams of ripe tomatoes can contain 3-7 mg of lycopene, and the tomato juice can contain up to 150 mg of lycopene per liter!

According to several experts, we only need about 30 mg of lycopene in order to properly benefit from it, and the perfect way of getting it is through the tomatoes. However, instead of going out and buying tomatoes every day, what we suggest is growing them in your own home.

This can be a fun process which is also very simple and you will end up with an endless supply of this product.So, today we are going to show you how to grow your own tomatoes in plastic 2 liter bottles.

To put it in other words, you cannot make the excuse of lacking space for them.

For the ingredients, you are going to need – one small tomato plant, one plastic 2 liter bottle, some water, soil, coffee filter, wire or string for the bottle, screwdriver, a wooden skewer (about 8 cm long), insulating tape and a knife or scissors.

For the instruction part – take the bottle, wash it well, and then cut off the bottom of the bottle. Then, fit the cut part on the inside of the top part of the bottle.

Poke two holes on each side that would be big enough for a toothpick or a skewer to go through them. Just make sure they’re both aligned at the ends.

Take a screwdriver and make ten more holes at the bottom of the bottle – this will be your water dispenser. Then, simply plant the small tomato plant in the bottle and water it regularly.