Anxiety can feel like something that can definitely only do damage, but this is not always the case. The anxiety itself can come with some superhuman powers, it all boils down to how you look at it.

If you happen to be dealing with anxiety, try focusing on the good parts instead on the bad. There is a hightened sense of perception present when it comes to anxiety.

People With Anxiety Have These Superpowers

People With Anxiety Have These Superpowers

So, the question here is, do you have some or all of these superpowers?

  • You will have the ability to sense the energy of other people – you can easily tell if someone has a positive or negative energy around them. Negative people usually make you feel uncomfortable and the positive ones, the ones which are easier to talk to, make you feel more open and relaxed. Normal people usually have a hard time differentiating when a person is being overly negative.
  • The increased sense of empathy – people who are suffering from anxiety are usually more concerned about the feelings of other people around them because they have a higher sense of empathy that cannot be understood by anyone. People who are dealing with anxiety usually detect emotions better than others. The empathy is important, and you have enough to make a change in the people who you find dearest to you.
  • An instinct tht could save a life – the anxiety is considered to be something that can be traced back to as much farther than you can imagine. This is something that can be used as a survival mechanism, allowing a person to be more aware of the surroundings. You probably know what we’re talking about, it’s like the feeling that you get when you walk alone on the street knowing that something bad will happen. There were also several studies that show how people who have anxiety detect danger in a quicker way and respond to it.
  • A higher IQ – people who have anxiety are definitely found to be smarter. This should come as no surprise to anyone if you take into consideration the amount of over analyzing every single detail that people with anxiety cope with. They are literally aware of every single outcome of every possible situation.
  • The amazing ability to see through lies – people that are suffering from anxiety are thought to be a lot more careful, this is why they could see through lies and are definitely much more brave than you might think. If somesone makes a comment that does not make much sense, they will be the first to notice it or reveal it to everyone, and even though it takes them a minute or two to do that, when they get the courage, they are quite capable.

People who are suffering from anxiety are much more capable than you give them credit for, despite them being anxious and trying to over analyze every single thing in their lives. The people who are suffering from anxiety are literally prepared for anything and are some of the toughest people that you might ever meet in your life.