If you are eager to find out some stories of people who went through a lifestyle transformation, from getting into therapy to staying sober, giving up fast food and taking up some exercises, then you have come to the right place.

Most of these stories are about people who set out to lose some weight for a different set of reasons, either it was because of some health issues, or wanting to keep up with their children, or simply wanting to change their overall appearance and lifestyle, they succeeded in it.

People Who Lost More Than 50 Pounds

People Who Lost More Than 50 Pounds

Here are the best stories we found on lifestyle changes and losing more than 50 pounds.

1. Make the healthy changes one at a time and build on every one – Signe Heffernan lost 126 pounds within one year by taking one step at a time. First, she started walking home from work every day, and she did that for a period of six months.

Then, she started consuming healthy foods, and then, a year into her plan of changes, she had hired a personal trainer and started lifting weights, doing circuit training and interval training. She advice to take it slow in the beginning.

Make a scheme with slight changes that you are positive you can stick to. Once you have a solid routine you can start building up on that – lift weight or make meal changes. Just keep adding new challenges in order to push yourself.

2. Listen to the advice but in the end, always follow your gut – this comes from Hunter Montgomery, who managed to lose 105 pounds within a year. He is a 28 year old guy and speaks out to you that even though there are many health experts and fitness experts, even though this industry is very big, it is most important that you do the research and try different workouts and different meal plans.

He figured out that every person is different, and every person reacts and benefits from certain foods in a different way. Bear in mind that no one knows your body more than yourself – this is the advantage you get, and use it well in order to improve your overall self.

3. If you don’t like cardio, find something that you do like – Olivia Sullivan, who managed to lose 100 pounds in one year is giving some good advice to you. She had 275 pounds, and she discovered that even though she needed to lose weight, she could not do it with cardio.

It sucked and made her feel really bad about herself. So, a friend of hers introduced her to strength training and she instantly fell in love with it. It was possible, despite her weight, and she felt strong while doing it. She would still do cardio three times within a week but the lifting was the only thing that kept her going back to the gym.

And half a year into her training, she discovered boxing, and building up strength was something really fun for her, so she continued doing that. Now she works six times in a week and she feels great!

4. If you feel self-conscious in the gym, try activities outside the gym until you build your confidence – this is coming from Diana Noesgaard, who within 15 months lost 90 pounds. First, she started walking around, then she joined an AquaFit classes until she lost the first 15 pounds and then she felt ready for the gym.

She never thought she would get to where she is now, but now she works out at least five times within a week, cardio and strength training.

5. If you cry your way through a workout, know that your next one will be much easier – Jackie Kankam, who lost 70 pounds in a period of two years, speaks about how she cried during her first workout. She was at the gym, and random people who worked out beside her were looking at her and yet avoiding eye contact with her.

At one point in her first workout she had sat down and thought about quitting then and there, or just suck it up and continue working out. Even though it was not at all easy for her, she sucked it up and continued working out.

She says that her favorite quote is the difference between falling and failing is whether you decide to pick yourself up. It gets easier day by day, all you need to do is not give up on yourself.

6. Don’t diet, journey your way through changing your lifestyle – this comes from Gurinder Pabla, who lost 70 pounds in three years. The most challenging part of it all is changing your lifestyle completely. It is not a pill, a diet, or an exercise, it is a whole and complete change.

He was tempted many times to sit back on his couch and eat an entire pizza by himself, or a bucket of wings, but so what if he did that in the end? He would never benefit from it.

You just have to make sure you look forward to the person you want to be, and not backwards to the person you once were.

7. Always seek a community that will cheer you and support you – Zachary Rieger lost 52 pounds in a year, and this is what he has to say to you. Surround yourself with positive people only. He had been lucky enough to have his wife by his side all the time through the entire process.

They were running side by side and she was always cheering him up when he competed in a race. Also, his parents were by his side too, checking up on his progress and cheering him up too. Finally, his friends were all by his side, and he was even a motivation for some of them to start living a healthier lifestyle like he did.

The support he got from the running community provided a great environment for him. He is so glad that he joined them.

8. First, identify your unhealthy habits and then, learn how to get rid of them – Timothy Reed, who lost 100 pounds in 18 months, says that food was his drug, particularly sugar, and that even though he has come this far, he is still struggling, but determined to change his lifestyle.

He started educating himself on nutrition and calories, reading into micro and macro nutrition and starting to build some muscle. The temptation to give into sweet foods has always made his journey more difficult, but, he overcame that by planning his meals ahead and staying strong.

9. Figure out the psychological block that stands between you and your lifestyle – Vanessa Nelson, who lost 70 pounds in five months, urges you to start doing counselling like she did for her anxiety disorder, and once she did that, she realized that there is nothing stopping her from losing weight.

The thought of failure was what kept her off the right road, and once she overcame that, she started working on improving herself immediately.

10. Go sign up for a race with a friend – Jenn Flores lost 60 pounds in 16 months. Once she realized her weight was 240 pounds, she was ready to stop being couch potato and get her body back on track. She signed up for a marathon with a friend and they started running by the beach after their working hours every day in order to train themselves.

She could not run more than one minute the first couple of times, but after a week her condition improved and she got a lot of motivation from her friend to work harder. She took a glimpse of what her body could do and she liked it.

11. Celebrate even the smallest victories and reward yourself – over a period of two and a half years, Athina Garza lost 185 pounds, and she has something really important to share with you. When she started losing weight she was losing 10 pounds in a week, but as weeks passed, she lost less and less pounds, sometimes even two pounds within a week.

But, it did not stop her from being excited because she knew she was making progress. This is why, for every milestone she achieved, she rewarded herself with a pair of shoes, a nice purse or an outfit.

12. Even though life can always interfere with your plans, take the setbacks in stride – Kelly Geistler, who lost 123 pounds in a year, says that through her years in law school she was trying to lose some weight, but upon having viral infection that forced her to take steroids, she gained 70 pounds and her weight was just getting worse.

Shen the infection was gone, she started working on herself again, and lost 70 pounds, then 50 pounds, making a total of 123 pounds.