The genes of the mother are the ones who determine what will be the intelligence of the child. Father plays no role here.

These are the different studies and laboratory experiments from the past, collected in a publication in the journal “Psychology Spot” cited by “The Independent”.

Passed From the Mothers

Passed From the Mothers

Genes of intelligence are transmitted by the X-chromosome; women have two, they have double the chance to convey this information to the baby than the men with their single chromosome.

In addition to this, however the chance intelligence to be inherited from the father is reduced to a minimum and because of the discovery the genes of the father of cognitive and mental functions of the heir in many cases are deactivated automatically.

An experiment with mice showed that infant mice with dominant genes from the mother have body that is less developed, but they exhibit greater memory.The researchers found cells in six different parts of the brain containing only the mother or just father genes.

Those from the mother have always been in the places that are responsible for cognitive skills, and the father – in systems where govern limbs. They have not discovered yet none succeeded male gene in the cerebral cortex, which are taking the most complex mental activities.

Important explanations that make the University of Washington, however, is that not everything is in the genes. According to research the formation of intelligence of the mature man is 40% and 60% heritage education and environment.

Of course, the mother role is huge in the second with the special relationship that has with his child, but at least here the father can help.News that intelligence is inherited from mothers quickly circled the world media and social networks.

Immediately are appeared other theses. The magazine “Forbes” for example clarifies that there are no grounds to consider that the two X chromosomes of women have this double opportunity to transfer cognitive gene to the baby, because they have different characteristics and contain different genetic information.

Only one of the two can carry the gene of the baby – the same as the one that has the DNA of men. This means that the chance of a genetic inheritance from both sides is equal, believes “Forbes”.

In 1994 – year by the Medical Research Council in the US was conducted research on several mothers. Were interviewed 12,686 young people aged between 14 and 22 years.

Their questions and research were linked to the intelligence of the children, their education and socio – economic status.Almost all the children who were part of the study, it was shown that the best indicator of the level of their intelligence is precisely the level of intelligence of their mothers.