Does back pain require mandatory bed rest? What if the pain wakes you at night? There is almost no adult who hadn’t had at least one episode of back pain.

It may be caused by degeneration of vertebrae, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, strained muscles (myofascial syndrome) and many other diseases and injuries.

Pain in the Back

Pain in the Back

However, even in 85 percent of the cases, a clear cause of the pain cannot be determined, not even with the application of sophisticated diagnostic procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging.

Back pain may be acute, which can last up to one month, or chronic, lasting more than a month. In most cases, the pain passes spontaneously without any treatment. Less commonly, the pain becomes chronic, that seeks additional testing and counseling.

Almost everyone has at least once felt stiffness in the neck and shoulders. The head is heavy and often you feel tired and your neck muscles are stiff and causing pain.

Improper posture, carrying a heavy load and folded back only gives rise to your problems. Aging and carrying heavy load can cause arthritis. Even activities such as exercise, reading a book in bed, irregular sleep can cause pain too.

Tips for a Healthy Back

Sitting weakens the muscles in the waist, get up and shake your legs for ten minutes.Regularly do exercises to strengthen the back muscles.

If your mattress is older than 5 years, replace it with a new one. In some cases, the new mattress can eliminate back pain and improve quality of life.

And when you sleep, you should never sleep on your stomach, because this situation is harmful for your neck and back.

You can do more sports like walking at least 30 minutes a day. Hiking is also a good ideato stretch and relax the muscles of your back.

Do not carry heavy objects. This will deform and amplify the pain in your spine. The mere tilting and lifting heavy bags can be bad for your spine and can cause great injuries and pain.

Something similar could happen if you have a small child. It is better to crouch, to bend your knees and lift with the help of the thigh muscles.

Whatever you do, always bend your knees. Little withstanding when brushing your teeth, when lifting the baby or bags.

When We Have Back Pain it is Transmitted and the Neck Should Therefore be Careful Of

Shoulders are slightly more specific spherical joints with a wide range of movements. The flexible joint is susceptible to damage. Sore shoulders may come from one or more of the following reasons:

  • Stretching
  • Unstable joints in the shoulders
  • Dislocation
  • Fractured Bones of the hand
  • Stiffly Shoulder

What are the Possible Causes of the Spread of Pain in the Neck?

Neck pain may be acute (present in less than 12 weeks) or chronic (pain present for more than 12 weeks).There are several reasons that can result with pain in the neck as:

Damaging or stretching of the structure of the neck region (muscle, tendon or ligament). It is the most common cause of neck pain.

Risk factors that lead to cramping or stretching the neck muscles and the occurrence of neck pain are: poor posture while sitting and walking, stress, reduced physical activity, work-related sitting, poor posture during sleep etc.

How to Reduce Pain at Home

  • Pour hot or cold compresses to the problematic area. You should repeat this procedure from 2-3 hours. It is good to mention that this is medically confirmed that the hot / cold compresses will certainly reduce your pain.
  • Practice proper exercises. Daily exercise and movement of the neck muscles for a longer period can help you get rid of the pain. It is thought that exercises to strengthen the neck muscles, especially help when it comes to neck pain of chronic type.
  • A massage is a great way to relax the neck muscles and relief pain. If you are unable to visit the massage parlor or get a massage from someone close, you can make a massage all by your self.
  • Change the position in which you sleep and the pillow you sleep on.Use feather pillow to be formed according to the shape of your head and neck. Another option is a pillow with memory foam, which also adapts to the shape of the head and neck. Note that after a period of time the pillows with feathers fade and they should be changed.Avoid pillows that are very hard and high, because they are”fixed” in the neck at night, and it can result in neck pain.If you sleep aside, it is possible to prevent curvature of the spine. Therefore, use a pillow that the neck is higher than the area where the head is set.During long trips, it is possible to fall asleep, you can take with you adequate cushion (in the form of a horseshoe) to provide good support to the head and neck.
  • Get rid of stress. Stress is the number one enemy when it comes to stiffness and pain in the neck and back. Therefore, you should do relaxation exercises and meditation, yoga and so on.