If you’re already bored of circadian fighting with mosquitoes and all other small insects that hinder sleep or picnic in nature, we discover a secret that will be able to defend against them.

Have already begun setting nets on the windows, using electrical or chemical means, appliances … And all this does not help, and it cost so much. Here is an ecological, natural way to get rid of mosquitoes:

Own Mosquito Trap

Own Mosquito Trap

For the mosquito is important to know some things. They aren’t almighty, and there isn’t rescue from them, like we often think. We can easy catch them if we know that they like dark places.

In Facebook currently turns a very interesting “recipe” to kill mosquitoes. Because large amount of moisture and high temperatures, mosquitoes are already starting to “bite” in earnest.

On Internet appeared a recipe that acts as an effective and genuine trap for our summer enemies.To make this trap you will need fine mesh mosquito net, a high – velocity fan, 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, several heavy duty magnets.

Cut piece from mosquito netting that is enough big to cover of the fan. Too keep the net in place use your heavy magnets and fast the netting onto one side of the fan.

First dilute rubbing alcohol with 50 % water. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle and spray the netting evenly, but try to not spray in the motor in the center of the fan.

To allow you to remove the netting and loosen the mosquito remains onto the board, place a piece of white cardboard in front of the fan and spray some more of the solution on this material. When the netting is full, turn off the fan and remove the netting, allowing it to fall onto the white board.

This ecological trap is suitable for schools, kindergartens, offices, hospitals… She can kill dangerous tiger mosquitoes to.