Toxic people are against logic. Some of them are unaware for the mess they left around them, and other enjoy in it. The most important thing is to learn how to recognize those people and deal with them. These people are not worth for your time and energy and yet they can spend it.

They are creators on unnecessary strife, complex situations. The most important – they are creators on stress, and we must avoid it, if we don’t want to become like them.

Other Person’s Cruel Intension

Other Person’s Cruel Intension

Surely you’ve met a lot of hypocritical people in your life that pretending you friends and then you stab knife in your back. It is easy to “fall” of their acting, because they are sweet and act like they really wanted to help, but their real intentions are quite different. To defend against such manipulators, read signs that reveal that “sympathetic” person you’ve met has bad intentions.

  1. Discussions are always one sided

“Fine,” people who do not think you nothing good are programmed to dominate the conversation. It is true that hardly any man knows how to listen carefully but most at least try to have a dialogue and conversation to be two-pronged. But beware!

When the manipulator feels that his tactics are not working, they use another method to accomplish the goal. They can suddenly show interest in your life and begin to inquire what’s new with you.

If you notice such erratic behavior, you know that you’re dealing with selfish and manipulative personality. The manipulators are so focused on themselves what after a while the conversation again become one-sided and they are placed in the spotlight.

Usually you can easily realize that you are in the company of a person who is in love only in himself, because you feel like you’re alone. It happens because they think there is no sense of any talks between them and another person, and such people are usually just someone whose presence feed his own ego and strengthen confidence.

  1. Repeatedly making demands

Other “talent” who possess the ability of manipulators is to get tired you. “Sympathetic” people with bad intentions will recognize them by constantly seeking something from you. These requirements will often mention the subtle way that may confuse you.

They have large egos and can look like self-control “victims” thanks to their superior methods. Do not let this happen. Oppose to their words and do not participate in their games. You will succeed in it just have to be strong enough and determined.

These types can be very clever, just because they will treat you as a friend. Know what you want, what is your happiness and joy, but behind this lies some hidden intention.

They always want something from you, if a little turn and look what was your relationship until now, you realize that you are usually those who give, and almost nothing or very little of it getting in return.

  1. Using persuasion as a game

Manipulators will constantly try to persuade something from you and they will pushing you to do something. Their techniques of persuasion can be a powerful tool if you are not enough incisive. Practice your ability for good judgment and learn to say “No”.

They are here to hurt us because they feel bad or get something from us, in any other case they would not be interesting. The only positive thing about this type of people is that are very transparent, so can easily be detected.

  1. Abnormal eye contact and body language

Solid and reliable look that most people interpret as a sign that they can trust someone, manipulators use it in their favor. Namely, they can long look into your eyes and body language will show familiarity, but one mistake reveals their intentions:

Contact with the eyes will take too long and you get the feeling that the person constantly stare at you, so you become uncomfortable. By manipulator not keep your eyes on you, he wants to control the situation and ensure that you do what it wants.

  1. You feel bad after a conversation with that person

There is one word that best describes how you feel in communication with “sympathetic” person whose intentions are bad, it’s confusion. In addition, you may feel frustrated, angry and misunderstood.

Negative emotions can occur in conversation in two cases: When the character of the other party does not agree with you and when interlocutor has bad intentions. No matter what case it is, that person shouldn’t be your friend.

For these people is really true that old saying ,,that the grass is greener in a foreign court”. Even when something great is happened to you, they don’t see it with great pleasure, because they compare his life with that of others.

And to be realistic, there is always will be someone who is better than you, so do not make sense too much to bother with it. Because these types of jealous people should avoid at all costs.