Rather than wait for help from aggressive drugs when the disease appears, experts advise, it is better continuously strengthen the body and destruction of bacteria with “natural antibiotic“.Permanent searches increasingly show that the king among such commodities is oil of oregano.

During the three studies conducted by Dr. Paul Belaic confirmed that oil of oregano kills 92% of bacteria, such as staphylococci, and even 96% of pneumococci. Oregano is a Mediterranean plant and is considered like one of healthy plants worldwide.

Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil

Especially valuable is for its oil, which is extracted from wild oregano with a special distillation process to preserve all curative properties There are more than 40 species of oregano.

In the kitchen is commonly used Origanum vulgare. However, the more healthy species is considered oil Minutiflorum Origanum, containing up to 90% of the active ingredient of medicated carvacrol.

Medical most valuable medicinal substance in oil of oregano is carvacrol – an ingredient which has strong antibacterial properties. British scientists in research have confirmed that oil of oregano is effective against 25 different bacteria.

Effective is against most bacteria that cause infections of the colon and urinary tract infections, typhoid, cholera, ulcers and skin infections. Besides killing bacteria, oil of oregano has a strong antiviral effect and effectively protects against flu, colds, measles, mumps and rashes.

Evidence about the healing properties of oregano has more. Among the 52 plants tested, only the oil of oregano acted on Candida albicans, E-coli, Salmonella and Pseudomonas aeruginos.

Oil of oregano acts on many types of bacteria, viruses and fungi that changes their shape and make healing harder. Aggressive fungicidal properties of oil of oregano prevent persistent infections such as candidiasis, fungus nails and hair, and athlete’s foot.

In candidiasis you must drink the oil, and when you have problem with fungi in the nails can be applied locally. In the case of fungus on the scalp causing dandruff are advised to add a few drops in your shampoo.

The inhalation with this oil helps with allergies. Oil of oregano has the power to neutralize the poisonous bites from bees, snakes and spiders.

This makes it an invaluable first aid in such situations. It is also effective for preventing infection, reducing the inflammation and pain of the stab wounds and animal bites.

The oil of wild oregano should be kept on dry and dark place, out of reach of children. Not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers, because carvacrol can affect the iron in the blood.

Also is not recommended and in children under three years of age; and in people with high blood pressure and heart-sick, because it can cause accelerated heartbeat. It should not be mixed with lemon juice.

Wild oregano (Origanum minutiflorum) is endemic plant that grows only on the high mountain areas in southern Turkey, at an altitude of over 2000m. That climate and growing conditions where wild oregano allows high concentration of over 80% of the active ingredient – carvacrol and makes it organic origin.

Wild oregano is different from tame oregano (Origanum Marjoram), which is commonly used as a spice in food. The wild oregano oil is obtained by a natural process of distillation of the leaves only when the plant is in the stage of flowering and is rich in essential oils.

The usage of wild oregano oil have been known since ancient times, when the hypocrites used this oil to treat various diseases, such as stomach pain and respiratory diseases. Later, in the 15th century, Paracelsus used wild oregano oil to cure jaundice, psoriasis, diarrhea and other fungal diseases.