In case you weren’t already familiar with this, the onions are found to be the best versatile and natural remedy, and they can literally do wonders for various health conditions. For an instance, they can be the best cure for vomiting and one of the most effective ways to boost your immune system, and this is all because of their antibiotic properties.

What makes this amazing vegetable such a potent antibiotic and antiseptic agent is its high content in sulfur. Furthermore, it is an excellent source of querection, which is an antioxidant that can help the body in the combat against the free radicals.

Onion Can Do Wonders for You

Onion Can Do Wonders for You

The free radicals, as we are all aware, are known to be the major cause of plenty of severe and chronic diseases, such as cancer.In additon to this, the onion juice is known to be an amazing natural expectorant, which will make it beneficial for you when it comes to treating some respiratory conditions.

What is more, the flavonoids and sulfur compounds in the onion make it an effective natural treatment for heart related issues, diabetes, arthritis and troubles with your cholesterol levels.

Native Americans have used the onion for a long period of time to treat the flu and common colds. But now, even the WHO (World Health Organization) recognizes the abilities of this veggie to relieve any respiratory issues, cough, congestion and bronchitis.

This is why in addition we give you the best and most common uses of the onion:

  • Vomiting – first of all, take one onion, grate it and press the onion juice by using a cheesecloth. Then, brew some peppermint tea and leave it to cool off completely. Then, all you need to do is drink two teaspoons of the onion juice and wait for five minutes before doing the exact same thing with the peppermint tea. Repeat this procedure for as long as you need until all your symptoms go away.
  • Cleanse the air – if you want to cleanse the air around the house from bacteria and viruses all you need to do is put some onion slices all around the house.
  • Fever – take one onion and slice it into slices. Then, take some coconut oil and rub the bottom of your feet with it and apply a slice of onion on each arch of your feet. Then just wrap the foot and cover it with a sock. Let it sit like this over the night in order to draw out the toxins and the illness from the body.
  • Cough – peel one onion and then slice it into two halves. Put a tablespon of brown sugar over each half of onion and cover them up for an hour. To alleviate the symptoms of a cough, take this relish twice in a day.
  • Breakup chest congestion – take one onion, crush it and combine it with coconut oil in order to create a paste. Cover your chest area with this paste and cover it with a kitchen towel.
  • Ear infection – take one onion, chop it up, put it in a thin sock and wrap the sock up. Then, take the sock and put it on the affected area, covering the sock, head and ear area with a hat. Remove it when tthe pain goes away.
  • Colic – dice one yellow onion, and then boil it, allow it to cool off and then strain it. Give the baby a teaspoon of the onion every hour until the symptoms go away.
  • Cuts – the onionskin can work as an antiseptic agent and it can stop the bleeding within just seconds.

If you want more interesting uses of the onion, here are some – onion juice can repel moths; if rubed into your hair, the onion juice can promote hair growth; you can polish copper and glassware with onion slices; in order to prevent the iron from rusting rub an onion slice over it; to prevent your face from getting freckled, rub a cut onion all over your face; rub it all over your body too to repel bugs; to prevent pests from attacking your plants boil and cool down some onion juice, and then spray it all over the plants. Finally, if you store avocados along with some red onions in an airtight container will prevent them from turning brown.