There was one elderly man, who was overlooked by everyone on a daily basis, shocked all of those people who neglected him after his death. His name was Mak Filiser, and like all of the other old men, was placed in a nursing home and soon forgotten by his family.

You have probably entered a nursing home at some point, and have experienced the depressing vibe of the place. People usually come more often to visit their elders in the home at the beginning, but as time passes, their visits start to decrease.

They have less and less time for their loved ones. This is how the problem begins in the first place. Not very people have the time and energy to take care of an older person, so first thing they do is put them in a home.

The nursing homes are always overcrowded and understaffed, so not everyone are getting the attention and care they need.Unfortunately, Mak died.

But when the nurses were cleaning out his area and collecting his belongings, one of them found a poem that he wrote. She was so touched by it that she made copies of it and handed them out to all of her fellow nurses.

The poem he wrote was called cranky old man. He starts the poem by asking the nurses what do they see in him/ is it only an old man with no voice, or do they see wisdom in his eyes? Do they see a person who constantly loses a sock or a shoe?

Someone who resists everything, who gives them a hard time when it’s time for bathing, someone who does not even notice tings anymore? Well, he says that they should look more carefully, because he is not any of those things.

He tells them who he is. He explains that he is a child, who had a mother and a father, he was a young boy who had dreams, he was a groom at a mere age of twenty, with his heart pounding from his chest.

He explains how he later on had a child, seeing him grow up so fast and leaving home, then returning with grandchildren so that he and his wife would feel the biggest joy on earth.

As the years passed, he lost his wife, his children were raising their own little ones, and he started to dread the future. The years were stepping all over him, making him older.

But even though he is almost near the finish line, he still feels as a young boy. He remembers everything, the joys, the tears, and he would relive them all over again.

He had loved and lost, and accepted the fact that nothing can last forever. So, as he lives every moment of his life over again, he only asks for the nurses to take a closer look and see him!