Many people star their morning with a fresh cup of coffee. With every cup of coffee, comes used coffee grounds. These coffee grounds can be reused, and in this article we are showing you how.

Old Coffee Grounds

Old Coffee Grounds

  • Skin care

A body scrub made from coffee grounds can be very useful for your skin. Mix coconut oil, brown sugar and coffee grounds. Results will be visible in days.

  • Flowers

Roses are acid- loving plants and they will love coffee grounds. Dump some coffee grounds into the flower pot and you will be amazed. Camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons and hydrangeas also love coffee grounds.

  • Ants

Coffee grounds can be used to drive ants in the opposite direction because ants hate the smell of coffee.

  • Snails and slugs

To keep away snails and slugs just spread used coffee grounds. The natural pheromones of coffee can drive away them.

  • Compost

Compounds in the coffee grounds can help to naturally break down compost. It can also draw worm into your compost because worms love the aroma of a good coffee bean.

  • Carron harvesting

Aadding some coffee grounds at planting time, and your carrots will have more energy and they will grow to a fuller potential. This will keep pests away from your carrots.

  • Odors

Cffee grounds can absorb odors, especially odors from foods. Coffee grounds can work much like baking soda in this way. In a container put some used grounds and stow them in the back of the fridge. They will absorb the odors from the food.

  • Abrasive

Coffee grounds can be used to clean your kitchen, because used grounds aren’t so harsh to damage the surface of the kitchen. They are good for grease stains.

  • Golden dye

Used coffee grounds can be used to create a beautiful golden colored dye.

  • Candles

Add some old coffee grounds to a candles wax and the new candles will smell great.

  • Hair care

Old coffee grounds can be used for hair care. Massage some grounds into your hair before washing.

  • Cleaning a fireplace

They can make the process of cleaning the fireplace easy and less messy.

  • Soap

You can actually make a caffeinated soap from coffee grounds.