The scientists have identified a new threat to the people who suffer from diabetes, and that particular ingredient is the white rice. What they have discovered is that the rice can do even more damage that the sugary drinks can.

So, in order to reduce the risk of diabetes, all the researchers and physicians are advising people to keep the use of the sugary drinks to a minimum, because the major causes of this particular disease are the sugary drinks and obesity.

Not Consume Rice

Not Consume Rice

In spite of that, the Asians are more predisposed to diabetes than the Caucasians are, so people actually do not have to be obese to be at risk of diabetes at all. What the starchy white rice can do to your body is it can overload the body with blood sugar and it can heighten the risk of diabetes.

One meta – analysis made out of four major studies has come up with some revelations for everyone. First of all, it showed that the consumption of one plate of rice on a daily basis will raise your risk of getting diabetes by whooping 11% from the entire population.

Second of all, it has showed that the Americans and the Australians had 5 plates of rice within a week, and on the other hand, Asians had 4 servings of it within a day! However, what the scientists are not planning to do is to start telling people to stop eating rice because it is a fact that the rice is one of the most popular foods on the planet.

Of course, there is an alternative to this, or a solution, depends on how you look at it, and it is to turn to some healthier varieties of the rice.

For an example, when it comes to how the blood sugar levels in the body are spiked, the long grain white rice is much better than the short grain white rice. What the rise in the sugar levels can do to your body is it can cause your pancreas to produce more insulin, and more and more frequent spikes can lead to diabetes.

What the scientists will also urge you to do is to add 20% of brown rice to your regular portion of white rice. This amount is more than enough to reduce the risk of diabetes by about 16 percent.

What the scientists also added is that there is no need to fully replace what you’re eating now, just make sure you increase the quantity of the whole grain and the brown rice. Here’s a small tip for you – soak the brown rice for at least 15 minutes prior to adding it to cook along with the white rice.

What the diabetes can also do to you is cause blindness, amputations and cause failure of the kidneys. The diabetes expert, dr. Stanley Liew has an advice to people – to make themselves eat less rice because it is bad just like the junk food and sugary drinks are. People should be discouraged from eating rice overall.

Another tip for you at the last minute – a 15 minute walk, or about 2000 steps in a day can lower your risk of death by diabetes by an amazing 4 percent.