Because of our busy everyday life we often ignore the pain in the body that are really important and warning for overall health. Often we ignore leg pain because we think that is not so serious.

But she can be real treat for our health. One of the lesser known dangers of this type of pain are venous thrombosis, blood clots, which occurs most often in the veins of the legs.

Never Ignore Leg Pain

Never Ignore Leg Pain

Therefore, pain and swelling in legs you must never ignore it.In women pain in the legs usually can be caused from daily wearing high heels. In men she comes again from wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Pain in the feet may be a consequence of obesity, because then gravity that they have to take is too big. All this pain may be a consequence of the disease, and as most common is arthritis and joint pain. When the pain is a daily we recommend that you take measures to stop it.

            Causes of pain in the leg

Sore foot is a common problem and mainly occurs due to the following:

  • Neurological (nerve)
  • Musculoskeletal (muscles, bones, joints), and
  • Vascular (related to blood vessels) pain.

Leg pain may occur from muscle cramps, which may suddenly occur.

  • Blocked blood vessels

Cramps in the legs may be a clear sign of cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and weaknesses in veins and arteries, causing accumulation of fat inside the blood vessels. Pain in the legs may be a sign that the arteries and veins are blocked or weakened.

If the problem is ignored, can lead to danger to life, heart attack or stroke and aneurysm (an artery becomes weak and swollen and may burst). In some cases, the disease of the arteries can lead to gangrene or amputation.

Among the first symptoms may appear are pain when walking, often in the muscles, but may in the hips or buttocks. Going downhill or carrying a load can only aggravate the situation.

If you are at rest, the pain will disappear in a few minutes. If the pain occurs only when moving, it’s blockage and failure of blood vessels in the legs. The pain occurs because the toes do not get enough blood.

The sooner you consult a doctor and check your pulse and pressure in the arms and legs, damages will be minor. Consulting a doctor could save your life. In many patients, particularly obese, a simple exercise can reduce the problem because it promotes circulation.