The first and the most important thing that every women need to know is that cosmetic products for intimate hygiene is the biggest enemy for her!In the markets there are big offers of body lotions, balsams, soaps for intimate care but they are full with chemicals.

But it is also very important to neglect your intimate area hygiene.Here are the most important or basic rules that every lady need to follow to maintain intimate hygiene on safety and healthy way.

Never Do On your Intimate Area

Never Do On your Intimate Area

  1. Forget about V- Steam

To maintain your vagina clean and healthy you must forget for vaginal steaming. In this way you can destroy and good bacteria to.

Vagina is self cleaning organ, and only way that you can help her is to drink more yogurt, because he is filled with good bacteria. In this way you will kill all yeast infections.

  1. Stop with self-medications and self-treatment

The most important thing is to forget about all that natural remedy that you read on Internet. Natural remedies are good for you but you must consult with your gynecologist first.

Even if you notice that you have a little and harmless problem you must visit the doctor first and remember to not take vaginal creams and suppositories that are self-prescribed.

  1. Inserting non sterile objects is not good idea

If you are sexually active that you must know what should go into vagina. Try to not experiment with this area and follow the rules of nature.

  1. Stop washing your vagina to often

First, is important to you to know that every vagina has her smell and that is very normal. Your vagina is not rose and is supposed to smell.

She is self cleaning organ and is not good for her to wash it very often. If you wash your vagina too often you will disrupt good flora and microbiota.

Wash your vagina with mild soap made with natural ingredients only and wash it with warm water. You will refresh your intimate area.

Also you can wash it with chamomile. For intimate hygiene and healthy vagina you must use only pH neutral products.