Home is not just a place intended for everyday things like resting, cooking, watching TV, but it is also a place where we create life, habits and thoughts for each day that lies ahead. It is very important to feel the comfortable and warm in the home, always speaks positive energy, and for that it needs to follow a few rules and rituals that will help us to maintain harmony.

Even in ancient times people lived in accordance with nature and the environment and were aware of energy. They developed various techniques of cleaning the negativity, depending on the part of the world we lived.

Negative Energy

Negative Energy

Often it did shamans or priests. In those ancient times clean-up was a standard part of the application of Feng Shui to the east. There are methods by which you alone can clear your space, and your energy would be fresh and favorable.

To rule the positive energy in your home, you must be neat and clean. But that does not mean that sometimes you need to renew it.

Your home is a place full of energy and your feelings, thoughts and emotions can carry a certain type of energy and she can be brought from other people. For example, some family members, neighbors or friends can bring negative energy from outside, which later affect your mood and the mood of your loved ones.

The remains of this type of energy can contribute to negative emotions, sadness, depression, bad thoughts or excessive stress. Your home is like a sponge. All that happens is absorbed into space, walls, furniture, and in all subjects.

Once it enters your house, negative energy, begins to affect the lives of family members and can do big damage. Regardless of whether you believe in the “negative energy” or not, however, such a “bad” energy may be present in your home.

The negative energy can cause many strange and unusual things in your home and the people who live in it. If you started to wonder why the entire household somehow dragged down, always missing money, there is tension between members and anxiety, depression uncommon and sadness … maybe it’s time to think to do this test.

Today we show a simple way to find such energy, and if is there how to and remove it and bring harmony in the family.Firstly is very important to analyze what is happening in your house. Very often they are energies that attract problems.

If you think that you can’t find the real root of the problems, then try this trick and detect all bad vibes:Take a glass that must not have any drawings, paint or carvings.  Also keep in mind that you will not re-use.

If possible, buy specially such a glass cup that you use exclusively for this purpose. Fill 1/3 cup of sea salt. Supplement 2/3 cup of white vinegar or organic malic acid.

The last third fill it with plain, clean water. Take the cup in the room of the house where you think the bad vibes are powerful. It can be a room in which pick guest.

Place the glass it in a hidden corner to stand for 24 hours. It is very important that no one touches the glass.  The next day should be observed cup:

-If the cup is the same way we have left the day before, then in that room no bad vibes. Cup transfer it to another room and repeat the procedure in the same way.

-If in the glass appear as bubbles in soda water if you blur or colored green or anything strange happening with the cup, it means that in the room there are energy problems.

In this case the contents of the cup should be poured into the toilet seat and bowl to wash very well.Then add the same ingredients and repeat the procedure in the same room, for the next 24 hours. Repeat as many times as necessary.