Do you want to try to detect the negative energies in your home just by using a glass of water? The negative energy can be something that can really affect your family, your pets, and above all of that, it can even affect every object around your home.

Thankfully, we have discovered a new way in order to help you, using just a glass of water, some vinegar and grain salt!Now, if you want to eliminate all the negative energies that you suspect or know that they’re in your home, we highly recommend that you try using this simple, and yet effective way to do so.

Negative Energy in your Home

Negative Energy in your Home

It is a home made recipe that can improve the quality of your life in an instant! The ingredients are also very easy to find! You only need a glass of water, some vinegar and some salt!

If you want to try it, then there are the ingredients you need – a clear glass of water, completely transparent, without any patterns on it, some water, some granulated salt, and a bit of white vinegar.

And now, for the preparation part, put a little of the salt, the vinegar and the water in the glass. Take the glass and put it in the area that you and your family spend most of the time in, or where people visit you.

Leave the glass like that for 24 hours. After a bit of time has passed, check to see how the salt is doing, if the level only rose up or the water overflew.

After the 24 hours have passed, rinse the glass with a lot of water and repeat this process for as long as you find it necessary. You can put the glass in all the areas of your home until the salt stops rising.

On an important note, put the glass in areas where it cannot be seen so that it can effectively absorb all the bad energy. Make sure you only use grain salt and vinegar in a water to get rid of the bad flow in your home.