One of the most harmful habits a person could have is smoking. Because it is highly addictive, the people who are smokers often have a very hard time quitting.

Nicotine is the substance in the cigarettes that causes addiction, and it constantly forces the body to ask for more. Hence, the more you smoke, the more nicotine the body wants.

Need For a Cigarette

Need For a Cigarette

What is more, when you do not provide your body with nicotine, the withdrawal phase starts, which can be really difficult before your body starts getting used to the new life without any cigarettes. The physical symptoms last for about a week, but the nicotine cravings can last even longer.

Thankfully, the herb Stevia can help you with that. According to some recent German findings in a study, the Stevia will help you stop drinking and smoking, because it is able to block the craving signals for nicotine which are sent to the brain. This is a herb that has been used as a sweetener, and is a member of the chrysanthemum family, native to Paraguay.

All you need are just a few drops of the Stevia directly on your tongue when you have cravings for a cigarette. It will instantly stop the cravings. You can find this herb in the form of a liquid or powder in all healthy stored or bigger supermarkets.

This is also a herb that can help you lose weight and regulate your blood pressure. Also, it is quite excellent for dermatitis and acne, can be used as a facial mask, because it tightens, nourishes, and softens the skin.

The best part of it all is, you can even grow this plant in your own home! This is a plant that cannot live in freezing conditions, because it likes the sun too much.

Yet, the root can survive a colder weather. You should plant it in a 12 inch container, keep it in direct sunlight, and make sure it’s in a good quality, loamy, loose, well drained soil. You should always water the soil when you see it has dried out a bit.

Then, it absolutely needs to have 18 inches of free space, so that it can grow 1-3 feet in height. You should always wait for the frost to pass before you plant it. To prevent it from drying out during the summer days, use mulch and compost.

Also remember that the good drainage is vital so that you can prevent rotting. Note that the roots are rotting if the plant is still wilting after it has already been watered.

This is a plant that blooms in autumn with white flowers, so make sure you stimulate the growth of  the new leaves so feel free to trim the flowers off. It’s leaves are very sweet in autumn, and the taste is better before the whole plant blossoms.

If you want to use the leaves for a longer period of time, you should leave them out to dry in the sun. Remove all the leaves, stems, and tender stems, and scatter them on a loosely woven fabric or on any non metal screening, and they will be all dried up in a day. Collect them, crush them with your hands or a processor to get the powder.

Keep the Stevia in an airtight container. You can add it to your food and drinks, but note that it will only intensify them, it will not dissolve in them.