Today is really easy to make a fire because we have numerous lighters, matches, and various other paraphernalia, but this guy managed to do with lemon and a few nails is far more interesting from the fire with a lighter.It seems that except lemonade we can do more things with lemon.

Here is some video that will show you how to light a fire with lemon.Citric acid behaves as electrolytic source in theory could create enough electricity to light steel wool, so it seems that someone decided to try out this theory in practice.

Nails in a Lemon

Nails in a Lemon

All you need are six copper staples, six nails, piece of wire and steel wool. Although these products that are used are strange for you, but believe that they can use electricity in lemon so it will heat enough the wool to set her fire.

First you must take the lemon in your arms and rub it. Push the copper clips on the lemon on the same side about one centimeter distance from each other.

Do the same thing with six nails on the other side of lemon opposite the clips. Make sure to not touch each other.

Then take the wire and pinch the first copper clip with the second nail. Then connect the second copper clip with the third nail.

Continue like that, so the first nail and the last copper clip leave it free. Then fasten the wire so the nail will be minus and copper clip will be plus.

Take the steel wool and place some dry paper on it. In the video is used toilet paper. Then we take a wire and place ii in the steel wool.

It will create electricity and the steel wool will glow. When you will notice some sparks and the wool will start to burn start to add more and more dry paper, then some woods. You will have a real camping fire.

Here’s how it looks.