Morning must become your favorite part of the day if you want success. Use it while you are fresh and rested to run out some of the duties and to ensure a productive working day.

Whether you like it or not, the maximum utilization and proper organization of the morning before work maybe are the key to success, health and good life. Early awakening is habit of many dignitaries, state officials and influential people.

Must do Every Day Before 10 AM

Must do Every Day Before 10 AM

Margaret Thatcher for example get out from bed at 5 am, Frank Wright wakes up at 4, and Robert Eiger – CEO of Disney – gets up at 4.30 am. Many people think that work best at night.

However according to a Inc. Magazine those who get up early, be more active and more productive and have better health.

You do not have to be a morning person to have a productive morning. Only instead of pressing snooze and turn through the bed until the last minute, introduce these 10 habits. If you fill this list before 10 am, the day guaranteed will go well:

  1. Meditate – Rather than reach for mobile and check Facebook first give yourself a few minutes to enjoy the silence. You’ll have enough noise during the day, so obey those 5 minutes in peace morning.
  2. Thank all – Think about things that you are grateful. This will improve mood and easier will pull you out of the warm bed.
  3. Set daily goals – If you have plan with things that need to be focus during the day it will be much easier to achieve them. Everything is easier when everything is planned.
  4. Release schedule – Use the morning to make a list of plans and strategies for the day because in the morning are most recent and best ideas. Maybe it acts contradictory, but if you have tight schedules you can feel tense. Introduce time for a break, breakfast, coffee and walk. When you leave yourself more free time, you can only get the desire to do something productive that does not give any schedule.
  5. Drink fluids – your body wakes dehydrated, so it is important to full it with fluids early in the morning. Move the metabolism and hydrate your body with a glass of water before a delicious breakfast.
  6. Stretch – if you no longer plan to exercise at least stretch several times to refresh the muscles.
  7. Listen to music – music not only has power to wake you up, but it will fill you with energy. Find songs that will put a smile on your face and let it play.
  8. Smile – Even while you are on the toilet and while wash your teeth. Smile because even set smiles are wearing pleasure.
  9. Strip behind – Once open your eyes wish welcome of a new day and set the bed. Why? It is small ritual but is connected to your daily productivity and successful people never skip it. Not go out of the house in a mess. You only need 5 minutes to set the bed and tidy clothes that you try, then you are sparing from the “who will clean when you come back …”
  10. Complete the hardest tasks first – however you think your brain is asleep, try to start from the most difficult task. The bonus is that in the rest of the day not to think what awaits you, but you will work calm and tranquil.