The matcha tea is the new drink which is consumed by all ages, and it is the real deal. But the matcha is already known for something else than being a green flow.

The matcha is an amazing source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and even chlorophyll, making it a great choice for you if you are looking to boost your overall system as well as your mood and energy.



When people need a pick me up they usually turn to coffee, some of them even turn to energy drinks and sugar. But let us tell you this – the matcha is the absolute better alternative, which will boost your energy and mood in an instant and it does not come with the terrible side effects of the coffee.

Actually, the matcha is an excellent way to improve your overall health if you consume it in small servings every day just because it helps you in a natural way, better than any other harsh stimulant.

But what is the matcha? It is unadulterated green tea, which is a shade more grown and it has never been heated, unlike the normal green tea.

It has retained its bright green color just because it is not processed, has a lighter and a bit sweeter taste than the usual green tea, despite having containing all the ingredients from the regular tea which provide it with the earthy touch.

If we talk about nutrition, the matcha has an alkaline nature and high content of chlorophyll, making it a nourishing and anti inflammatory drink, unlike the coffee. The antioxidants which are found in the matcha, known as catechins, can reduce the signs of aging and have been linked to preventing the cancer.

The matcha can also improve your vitality and reduce your levels of anxiety and stress.

But does the matcha contain caffeine? Yes it does, about half the amount from the caffeine in the regular serving of black coffee, and although it contains caffeine, it does not cause you to crash during the day like the coffee would, but it just helps you keep o going during the entire day.

One of the effects of the matcha is that it can boost your overall metabolism and help you lose some weight, if that’s what you’re after. So, now that you are aware of all the benefits that the matcha will bring you, here are some ways on how to incorporate it into your dieting plan.

  • You can add it to your smoothie – you can easily get the benefits of any super foods, just like from the matcha, if you simply decide to add it to your smoothie. The smoothies are a great way to fill you up with nutrients, and make your body absorb them in a fast way. But, not all smoothies are created equal. They should be made with equal amounts of veggies and fruits, combined with a super food or a food filled with nutrients. And because the matcha is considered to be a great super food, it is considered to be the perfect contribution to a perfect and nutritious smoothie. This is why we will provide you with a recipe for a morning or afternoon smoothie which will definitely do you some good.

To prepare it you will need two cups of baby spinach, a cup of non dairy milk, half a frozen banana, half a cup of frozen blueberries, a teaspoon of the matcha powder, a scoop of protein powder, a cup of cold water and half a cup of ice. All you need to do is mix up all the ingredients together to create a tasty smoothie.

Just be careful not to consume this smoothie before you go to bed. The matcha, even though contains a lot of soothing properties, it can keep you awake at night because it contains caffeine as well.

  • If you adore the smell of coffee in the morning, then what you definitely have to try is the matcha Latte. So, the matcha has been traditionally made into a warm beverage in Japan, where the matcha originally comes from. You can prepare the same drink yourself, and upgrade it a bit so that it can feel like coffee. The key in the making is to bring the water close to boiling, because if you put the matcha in a boiled water, it will lose all of its nutrients.

To prepare this beverage you will need a cup of filtered water, half a cup of non dairy milk, and a teaspoon of the matcha. Bring the water and the non dairy milk to a high heat, just before boiling, and then put them aside and turn off the heat.

Add this liquid into a blender along with the matcha and blend them all together. Simple as that! Some people, in order to spice it up, use coconut oil to make themselves a healthy coffee with a better taste.

Feel free to experiment with other compounds in order to find out what you like best.

  • Make it into small bites of energy balls – the energy balls are a very popular recipe among the families and college students as well as on blogs everywhere. They are usually made with nuts, oats, seeds, dried fruits, coconut and nut butters. And of course super foods. You can literally make them out of anything. They can be enjoyed anywhere, in your home or your office, and the best part is that they can be stored in the fridge from two weeks to a month. They seem colorful and are fun to prepare. Wanna try them out?

To prepare them you will need a cup of raw almond butter, a cup of gluten free rolled oats, half a cup of water soaked dates, half a cup of raisins or goji berries, also soaked in water, ¼ cup of desiccated coconut, 2 tablespoons of matcha powder.

First of all, soak the dates and the goji berries in water for at least 30 minutes time, and when the energy balls are ready to make, drain up the soaked dates as well as the raisins and reserve a quarter of the cup. Then add all the other ingredients, and on top of that add the quarter of the cup you previously set aside.

Then, scoop as much as you can with your hands and make small balls. As you make them, put them on a plate covered with parchment paper and pop them into the fridge for about an hour to firm down.

  • Put it into an oatmeal – you can always make yourself some oatmeal with matcha in it. You will get plenty of nutrients from it, including the protein, complex carbs, Vitamin B as well as plenty of minerals, among which the zinc and the iron. The oatmeal is an excellent mood booster and you definitely have to try consume it more often. The key to adding the matcha in the oatmeal is the sweetness, so feel free to add in some fruits, such as berries and bananas in it too.

Here are the ingredients to make an oatmeal – half a cup of gluten free rolled oats, a tablespoon of ground flax and whole chia seeds. A cup of non dairy milk, half a banana, ¼ cup of frozen berries, and a teaspoon of the matcha powder.

Mix all of the ingredients together and just let them stat over the night so that you will have a prepared meal in the morning. Enjoy!

  • Make a slushy – basically, the slushy is a cold drink, and a light one on your stomach, and it is very easy to prepare. It is a great substitution for iced coffee or prior to a work out in the hot summer mornings.

To prepare it you need a cup of cubes, a cup of a cup and a half of filtered water, juice from half a lemon, a bit of stevia, two tablespoons of matcha powder. Blend all of the ingredients together, pour them in a cup to go and enjoy!

Some tips for when you’re buying the matcha is to be careful, a cheap matcha is probably not what you’re looking for. Tend to go for the organic version, even though it is the more expensive one.

The matcha should always be a bright green color, and not a discolored brownish. Even though the matcha is not cheap, when you see the results of it, you will find out that it was definitely worth your time.

The three other factors that will always contribute to a healthier lifestyle for you are getting enough sleep, maintaining a proper and balanced diet and exercising regularly. Give this lifestyle a try!