The ginger is a root that usually grows in China, India, Africa, the Caribbean and other warm climates. The root from this ginger plant is well known for flavoring and spices, and has been used as a traditional remedy for many years now.

But why do the people consume it? The ginger is proven to be a folk treatment for upset stomach, nausea, and there is even evidence that can back this up. The ginger seems to aid the flow of the saliva and the digestion process. Studies have shown that it reduces the vomiting and nausea with pregnant women.

Marvelous Root

Marvelous Root

But, the pregnant women should be really careful when consuming ginger. Some experts claim that it can increase the risk of a miscarriage, and it is not considered to take more than 1500 mg before consulting with your doctor.

The ginger also helps with nausea which is caused by vertigo. There are some mixed evidence, but it is believed that it can help from nausea caused by surgery, chemotherapy and sickness. It also helps with menstrual pains too.

There is also evidence that the ginger can ease muscle pain, joint pain, headache, osteoarthritis pain and rheumatoid arthritis. Of course, there is more testing to be done in order to back this up.

But the lab and animal studies have shown that the ginger can lower the cholesterol as well as the blood sugar levels, lessen the swelling, prevent any blood clogs, and protect against Alzheimer’s disease. Some people even apply it on their skin to stop pain, but we are not 100% certain that this works.

There have not been optimal doses of the ginger set for any condition. The quality and the active ingredients vary from one dose to another, making it difficult to set a standard dose. This is why you need to consult with your doctor about this one.

The ginger is a common spice which you can get naturally from the root itself or by drinking ginger tea and ginger soft drinks.

Are there any side effects? When taken in small doses, the ginger has very few side effects, which are mild. But, the high doses of ginger, more than 5 grams in a day, will increase your risk of more serious side effects.

The ginger can cause rash on your skin, and among the other side effects you can experience gas, heartburn, mouth irritation and upset stomach.When it comes to the risks, the ginger can increase your risk of bleeding.

So, if you have a bleeding disorder, consuming ginger may not be the safest option for you. Always consult with your doctor about the medicine you’re about to take, including the ginger, because it is very strong.

And how about the interactions? If you happen to be taking any medicine on a regular basis, talk to your doctor prior to starting to use the ginger supplements. They could really interact with your blood thinners or any medication for diabetes or a medication for blood pressure levels.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (further known as the FDA) regulates all of the diet supplements; but, it still treats them as part of the food instead of a part of the medications.

Unlike any drug manufacturers, the makers of these particular supplements do not have to be aware of the fact that they have to show their product is completely safe or even that it is effective before selling it on the market.

So, whatever your choice would be, the bottom line is that the ginger is quite the powerful product and you definitely need to incorporate it in your dieting plan, as well as trying to use it as a medicine, but whatever you decide to do, the right thing to before incorporating it in your day to day living is to go to your doctor and consult about the dosage you may have to set for yourself and to make sure that it does not interfere with any medications you might be taking. other than that, you are free to enjoy the wonderful benefits without any doubts or fears at all! Take the ginger and see what it can offer you – you will be amazed!