How many times did you find yourself in the aisle in the supermarket where you see a butter product marketed as ‘’ healthy’’? Let me guest- never. Always the margarine comes as an alternative that boasts of health benefits, but the reality is different.

Butter can actually be much better for your health.

Margarine vs Butter

Margarine vs Butter

Some types of margarine are so similar to butter that you won’t be able to tell the difference. The substance that creates margarine is a scientific process, which creates something that is very bad for our bodies-trans fats, so don’t let the color and buttery smell fool you.

Margarine was started and mass produced in 1903 when it was found that adding hydrogen to veggie oil will turn it to solid product. Producing margarine was cheaper than butter and it became a very popular product.

The effects of the trans-fats contained in the margarine were not recognized by the manufacturers, but as the years passed studies proved that these fats can act differently in the body. These fat can affect the saturated and unsaturated fats which are needed for proper body function.

Fats are very crucial for brain function, and also essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6 are necessary for this to occur. Also vitamins D, A and E and all fat-soluble vitamins are also important for proper function.

The molecular structure of the trans-fats is different, so they don’t provide help to the body like natural fats do. One study showed that this fats ca increase the coronary artery diseases up to 23% and they increase the energy level by only 2%.

The bad reputation that it is bad for the hard, was given to butter in 1950’s, when was found that high cholesterol levels are linked to heart disease. After few years these studies were found to be wrong.

Having a slightly higher levels of cholesterol in women has been linked to longer life. Thing again when you will need to choose between ‘low fat’ butter and regular one.