This article is more of a testimony from Chris Wark, who has one of the most powerful stories you are about to hear today. He is a true example for all the people who believe that the cancer cannot be treated.

This young man, when he was at the crossroads of whether to accept chemo or not, decided to refuse, and believe it not, he is still alive. Oh, and yes, he was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer.

Man With Stage 3 Colon Cancer

Only a handful of people decide to try alternative healing, and most of the cancer patients are treated with radiation, chemo and surgery. Doctors usually assure their patients that the chemo, as well as the radiation are the best way to stop the spread of cancer, but they never seem to make a promise about it.

Wark had tumors which were removed, but nevertheless, this did not stop the cancer from spreading all the way to his lymph nodes.What he says is that the surgery will not cure cancer, especially not in such as late stage as the one he was in, and if it did, that would be all the doctors can do. there would be no need for any radiation or chemo afterwards.

The medical industry has known for a century now that the surgery cannot cure cancer. The cancer is a disease of a systemic metabolic nature, as a result of a body that lacks nutrients, and is overloaded with toxins, and has an overload or a suppress in the immune system too.

If the body does not receive the nutrients it needs to repair itself, regenerate and detoxify itself, the cancer will definitely return right after the surgery. This is why, a dieting plan that is filled with veggies and fruits, smoothies and juices is the most powerful way for you to promote the ability of the body to naturally heal itself.

All of the processed food must definitely be eliminated. This goes to the animal products too, which must also be eliminated or severely restricted until the cancer is all gone.

He also says that it is okay if some people do not believe him. He has met a lot of people who have survived and have healed from cancer without having any surgery, but the people who are sceptics do not believe them either.

The cancer is known to be a business of a high profitability. The cancer industry weighs billions of dollars, and to be honest, nobody cares if and how many people die from it.

The conventional treatments cannot help those who are suffering from any form of cancer, and the chemo  drugs can only make things worse for them, not better.According to one study published in the year of 2003, August, stated that the chemotherapy has been beneficial for 2.1% of all the adults which have been diagnosed with it.

These results were based only on random clinical trials which involved the effects from the cytotoxic chemotherapy. The data was all collected  from one cancer registry in Australia and  from the Surveilance Epidemology and End Result data for the year of 1998 in the USA.

These results have showed how the adjuvant and curative cytotoxic chemotherapy has proven to have only 2.3% rate of success in a five year survival rate in Australian adults, and 2.1% in Americans.

The alternative treatments often have baking soda, cannabis and hemp oil included in them, and even the science has backed these treatments up. If you can do a research on your own you can help yourself or someone in need. The diets which are plant-based can prevent up to 60% of the chronic disease deaths, and this has been backed up by a lot of scientists too.

There was even a group of researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada that found a brand new treatment for cancer. It is called dichloroacetate, but it is still being ignored by the medical and pharmaceutical world because it will not bring any profit to anyone whatsoever. The truth is here, you just have to look a bit deeper for it.