Most of the people that want to look younger give their best and go to extremes in order to do so. Well, you are one of those lucky ones that will not have to do that.

You will no longer have to try tricks that will make you look 10 years younger, because the rice will do that for you.The rice has been associated with a healthy diet for a really long period of time now, but despite all of that, it can provide you with a couple of beauty benefits too.

Make Your Face 10 Years Younger

The rice possesses antioxidants which are known to minimize the appearance of the wrinkles and slow down the overall process of aging. Also, in some Asian cultures the rice powder is used to treat acne and heal skin irritations.

Do not worry, if you want to get the benefits of this rice mask, you will not have to stick the whole grains onto your face to get results. Instead, you will use the rice water which is a liquid byproduct of cooking the rice until it gets soft.

This is why in addition we give you a Japanese rice face mask:

cook two or three tablespoons of rice over medium heat, and cook it all until the rice softens up. Drain the rice but make sure you save the liquid it has been cooked into. Wash the rice in some cold water. Then, remove the rice and add a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of milk.

Once this mixture has fully bonded, apply it on your face, your neck, just make sure you apply it on a clean skin. After half an hour has passed, rinse it off with the rice water you have saved from before.

The result is – your skin will be much softer, your aging factors will be reduced and the fine lines will be reduced too. You will be able to even out your skin tone and have more moisture on your skin. Your skin will finally appear shiny, youthful and bright.

Believe us, the results of using the rice mask once in a week will definitely leave you breathless. If you decide to make this mask a part of your daily routine you will not go wrong.