Finally, there is a magic juice that shreds our calories without any exercise and strict dieting! Now, you can just relax at home, read a book or watch your favorite TV show and drink this amazing juice!

The exceptional healing features of this drink come from its two main ingredients – honey and cinnamon.  We already know about the amazing results these ingredients possess as separate products.

Magic Elixir

Magic Elixir

Yet, not many of us know that if you join these ingredients together their impact will multiply.  When combined together, they can help you in eliminating extra weight and boosting your metabolism.

In order to prepare the correct amount of each ingredient, use one tablespoon of cinnamon and two tablespoons of honey. After that, mix them and add 250ml of water.

Those are not strict measures, so you can adjust the amounts depending on your personal use. Furthermore, it is necessary always to keep the balance of 2 measures of honey versus one of cinnamon.

And also, there is no limitation of the amount that you can drink.

Preparation method:

You should use boiling water for this recipe. Put a cinnamon in your glass and pour the boiling water over it.

Next, leave it like that for a few minutes until it cools off.  Check to see if the water is chilled enough to add the honey.

Never place the honey in boiling water because it can affect its qualities.

For best results, drink half of this beverage before you go to bed, and take the other one in the morning on an empty stomach.

It is that simple! It is not only easy and cheap to make, but it has a sweet delicious taste.  So let’s start this autumn season with our new favorite drink!