The potatoes are found to be a delicious food, that can be combined with any recipe. But, what less people knoow is that in some cases they can be very unhealthy, even deadly.

This is why, if you have potatoes in your home that have been sitting for a while, make sure you throw them out instead of cooking them.



Here is a story that will convince you. A girl named Maria Chelysheva from Russia, 8 years old, in the year 2014 became an orphan just because of this simple mistake – abatch oof old potatoes were sitting to rot in her cellar.

Her father went to the basement to get some potatoes, but he never got back up. Then, her mother did the same thing, but she did not come back either.

This also happened to Maria’s borither andgrandmther. Luckily, before the grandmother went into the basement, she called their neighbours for help, but she could not wait for them, s she went to the basement herself, where the destiny similar to that of her family awaited her.

It is sheer luck that Maria had not gone there for herself.

At this point of the story, it is important to know that the potatoes contain glycoalkaloids, chemical compound that can also be found in the poisonous nightshade plants.

This compound can make the potatoes toxic by nature, in certain circumstances of course, and this is not just when they’re eaten by humans, but simply from inhaling their toxic chemicals.

As the potatoes rot, their glycoalkaloid level goes up, and they start to emit a very dangerous and toxic gas. And the exposure to this gas is the cause of death for all the members of Maria’s family.

She could have died herself, because she went down to look for them, but luckily nothing happened to her, because the door had been previously left open, so the gas dissipated a little.

Even though the story of Maria is absolutely tragic and heartbreaking, it should also serve as a warning to all those who read it. Be careful of what foods there are in your home, especially when it comes to potatoes.

If you have them, don’t let them go bad, either cook them in an instant or throw them away, don’t keep them for a longer period of time!