The occurrence of back pain is one of the most common complaints of adults. The reasons may vary. But there are a few habits that cause back pain, and that can take action. Back pain is the most common pain of modern man.

How many times you could not get out of bed or sit on a chair all from a single cause – back pain. Almost every modern man today suffered or felt pain in his back. Usually it is the result of poor posture while sleeping, sitting, standing and rapid movement and lifting.

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

They manifest as sudden, sharp, to taps and constant pain. Mitigating circumstance in this global problem is that after the first episode of back pain can be prevented or facilitate further difficulties.Today’s lifestyle ties many people on a chair.

Does this happen because of work, for the pleasure of using a computer or because of laziness, does not matter. Seating is a great enemy of the back, because it creates 40% more pressure on the dorsal column, compared to standing. Plus, there are few watchers to sit in the correct position.

To reduce lower back pain, try to make sitting pause of 1 to 2 minutes every half hour. Get up and stretch everything. Take a walk around the room and then return to the chair.

While sitting, make sure you head to be corrected (to your ears in line with your shoulders) and not leaning forward as do many.On the other side you will ask why athletes suffer from the lower back pain.

They are on the move all the time. But their sport includes jumping, running and all that movements makes tension on the lower back.Chronic back pain is one of the main reasons many people to seek the solution in complementary and alternative medicine.

Yoga is a combination of stretching, breathing and exercise, accompanied by mental relaxation and wellbeing. Several previous studies have suggested that yoga can be an effective natural analgesic and chronic back pain. Do this following poses daily or after workout. You must try to breathe deeply and out of the nose while you are doing these yoga poses.

1.Supine Hamstring Stretch

2.Two – Knee Twist



4B.Treat the Needle

5.Legs Up the wall