There are a couple of different variations of products that contain low amounts of fat in them. You will find them easily because they are labeled with fat free, reduced fat, light, low fat labels on them and so on.

So, what do these terms actually mean? And that is the real deal with the fat free diet? Why can the fat free diet be an issue?

Low Fat Foods

Low Fat Foods

First of all, let’s define all the terms – the fat free foods have less than 0.5 grams of fat in a serving; the low fat foods have 3 grams or less fat per serving; the reduced fat foods have at least 25% less fat than the regular versions of these foods; and the light foods contain 50% less fats than the regular foods.

So, when you take this into consideration you would probably think to yourself – where is the issue now? A groups of researchers from the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab discovered that people who were having a low fat dieting plan consumed about 30 percent more calories.

The researchers also discovered that these same people were led to believe that their low fat foods contained 40 percent fewer calories than the regular versions of the foods which led them to consume more.This is why we have comprised a list of all the low fat foods that you will need to re evaluate before you continue consuming them on a regular basis.

Here are the highest calorie low fat foods.

  1. Flavored coffee beverages – for decades now, all the nutritionists have debated over the health benefits the coffee can provide you with. And nowdays, most of them have concluded that when taken in moderation, the coffee can be good for you. But, when you start adding in the contents that are high in sugar and the flavorings in the low coffee drinks, it negates some of the benefits. For an example, one none fat mocha drink contains 2 grams of fat but 33 grams of sugar.
  2. Chips – the low fat chips promises to give you all the satisfaction with half the calories. The main problem here is that the flavor that you crave for comes from the added salt and the calories which are not that satiating. The chips are already known to be one of the saltiest foods on the planet – and they can get even saltier when you eat the variety which is low in fats. For an example, the Lay’s Light Original potato chips contain about 18 percent more sodium than the full fat regular version of them.
  3. Frozen yogurt – the frozen yogurt believe it or not contains as much sugar as the ice cream does, and in some cases even more. One serving from the frozen yogurt contains about 24 grams of sugar in it, compared to the 21 grams of sugar that is present in one serving of ice cream. Again, we have learned the lesson that if you want to consume something sweet, don’tr try to cheat.
  4. Cookies – the low fat cookies have reached their peak of popularity in the 1990s, but this is when the researchers found out that they were nowhere as satisfying as the original cookies are, according to all the participants in their study. And because their content in sugar of these cookies was extremely high, they were often high in calories as well.
  5. Cereal and cereal bars – one report that was published in the year 2014 found out that the cereals we use for breakfast on average contained about 25% of sugar per weight. One half of the low fat granola contained about 14 grams of sugar, meaning that 29% of its total calorie count are coming from the sugar. The cereal bars can be as equally bad, even though their target market is athletes and people that are leading an active lifestyle.

What is the best way  to consume the fat free products? You should, at all times, be careful about the label and read it carefully before you buy a product in the store.

You should also take care of your portion sizes. Otherwise, you may be consuming much more calories than you think you would.

In general, what you should do is turn to consuming more fruits, vegetables, legumes, and of course whole grains. This way, you will not only receive much more nutrients on a daily basis, you will also feel better and consume less calories.

Naturally, these are the foods that are very low in fat. And of course, keep it moderate.