Nowadays, the internet and the social media are a curse as much as they are a blessing. One mother unfortunately had to learn this the hard way.

We are sharing her story today because everyone needs to know where to draw the line. The welfare of the children always has to come first.

Lost her Child

Lost her Child

So, imagine you’re chatting on Facebook and suddenly you get a friend request. From a stranger. You don’t know them at all.

But, the profile picture speaks to you and it seems nice, so you accept the request. Nothing could go wrong from there, right?

Of course, you will forget this moment very easily if you have a child you have to take care of. Your son or daughter is starting school.

As a proud parent, you prepared your child for the big day and took a picture which you posted on Facebook, along with some comments about the magnificence of the day and how fast your child is growing up. What is worse, you link the pictures with the name of the school.

And everything is posted on Facebook. Unfortunately, the consequences are terrifying.

What happens in secret, behind the curtain, is that the stranger you’ve just accepted on Facebook a couple of days ago has a screenshot of your child’s picture. He has already uploaded it to an online catalogue with a saying that this is the newest and young blood, not even six years old.

The price for the child is 10.000 dollars.

But how would you have any idea of what is going on? This is all happening behind your back.

The horror starts a few weeks later, when you go to pick up your child from school – and he or she is not there! You look everywhere and ask everyone but no one has seen your child.

What is happening to that poor child is something you could not imagine even in your worst nightmare. And all of that because of a simple click you made on Facebook.

Even if you are one of the few lucky ones and your child is spared, how would you live with yourself knowing that there is a picture out there with the face of your child, so that child molesters can see it.

Please, by all means, stop accepting strangers on Facebook. Refrain yourself from living a horror story.

Never forget this message. Do not trust the strangers on the internet.

Reject the friend requests from strangers. And the last, but most important one – do not post pictures of your children. The pictures often come to the wrong hands.

You know you would not show anyone your private life in real life, so why do it on the social media?