Find time to exercise. As we grow old our life doesn’t get less busy, so the best thing for us is to find time for stuff that are good and important to us. Working out isn’t only losing 20 pounds or become ripped, if we work out we’ll feel better.

Stay hydrated. Water consumption can make differences on your skin, body and your mood. You can add a cut- up fruit to you water, but however you need to drink it.

Life Better

Life Better

Don’t pay too much attention on your relationship status. Being single has its own good sides. You can enjoy the time doing whatever you want.

When the time comes for husband, you’ll know. Stress is bad for our health so, date more and have a lots of sex, and we promise you’ll be glad that you didn’t spend time stressing around.

Improve your knowledge. Knowledge is the only thing that keep us well informed. We need to build up a base of knowledge so we can keep up in our 30s.

Reading newspaper doesn’t hurt, and you can read only the topics that are interesting for you.

Take risks in your career. If you hate your job, you must need to change it. If you don’t have kids to feed, take the risk and ignore the inside voice that says: you won’t make any money/ you are afraid/ you have no idea what you are doing etc.

Road trip. In your 20s, your back can still tolerate hostel beds and you will be full with $1 street dinner. Travel on cheap ways.

Go places, but go alone, because you might not get the chance again. When you’ll get older and have $$$, you can do the same things again, but this time with someone else.

Realize that your life isn’t like you imagined. You may look even cuter that you ever thought, and your life will probably be better.

Invest your time in persons you think you can count on. Hang out with the person who care about you when you feel down or like a garbage. This person is the person that will be there for you 10 years from now.

So invest your time hanging out with him/her.

Learn to cook. We all know that we can’t eat microwave food for the entire life. This can be good for us physically or financially.

Take some cooking classes.

Take care of your skin. Skin care is essential, so don’t quit the night skin care. Using natural remedies with ingredients that are good for you, you can support the skin structure.

Take care of your skin and you’ll feel much better in the 30s.