Did you know that a team comprised of scientists and medical professionals from the Technical University in Berlin proved that there is life after death?

They based this conclusion from information they harvested from near death experiences, letting people remain clinically dead for 20 minuted before bringing them back to life.

Life After Death

Life After Death

Even though this was a much controversial project, it was done on about 944 volunteers.

It was done within the range of four years, using complexes drugs, creating a clinical death in the patient and allowing for the doctors to bring them back to life without doing any permanent damage to the body or mind.

But of course, this would have not been possible if it wasn’t for the newest CPR machine Auto-pulse. It has been used in the last few years to bring back people who have been dead for 40 minutes or even one hour.

When the doctors monitored the people and asked from them to share their experience, even though there were minor alterations, all of them provided the same answer – the feeling of detachment from the body, warmth, light, feeling like they’re in a sanctuary, feeling of levitation, security, serenity.

Even though it was believed that religion of certain people could have a big impact on the experience of the person, the results shocked everyone.

There were people from different nationalities, religions and beliefs, and yet, all of them provided the scientists with the same or slightly altered answers.

The near death experiences have always been an enigma, but they have proven to the doctors that there is a connection between the mind and the body, and yet, they are two distinct things.

Maybe just reading this article may shake or even change the beliefs of many, but it was something that absolutely had to be shared.

Yes, there is life after death, and it applies to every human being, everywhere.