Laser pointers are extremely popular devices, especially among the youngsters. Many children, as well as adults, find these devices very interesting to play with.

However, the laser pointers are extremely dangerous and, their usage can lead to a permanent blindness.

Laser Pointers

Laser Pointers


Such misfortune happened to an Australian boy who lost his vision because he was playing with a laser pointer.

14-Year-Old Boy Lost 75% of His Vision from Pointing a Laser at His Eye

A Tasmanian teenager lost 75% of his eyesight because he shined a laser pointer in his eyes while he was playing with it. Ben Armitage, an Australian optometrist, examined the boy who was experiencing a difficulty with his vision.

According to his parents, the boy didn’t feel any pain after pointing the laser at his eye. However, he started to have problems with his eyesight immediately afterwards.

After the examination, the optometrist concluded that the boy’s eyes were damaged close to the macula, which means that the boy will probably be blind for the rest of his life.

Similar cases occur quite frequently in all around the world. The biggest issue is that these lasers are being sold in almost every toy store.

Even though most of these lasers are not very powerful, they should be kept away from the children in order to prevent some severe eye damage.

The optometrists warn the parents that these laser pointers are not toys, but rather they are serious devices which can be very harmful to the kids.