We all agree on the fact that babies are simply adorable. They are always the center of attention whenever there is a gathering of friends and family, but, when you let other people play with your baby, you need to clean them up afterwards.

However, you must know that there is a certain bacteria which cannot be wiped down clean. This bacteria, if passed to your baby, can be deadly, and if you have been kissing your baby in the mouth, you should immediately stop doing it.

Kiss Your Babys Lips

Kiss Your Babys Lips

You should not even let other people do it, especially if those people have a cold sore. This kind of a horror story happened in the UK, to a mother named Claire Henderson and her newborn baby Brooke who was kissed on the mouth, and after that kiss, ended up in a hospital. Baby Brooke spent five days in a hospital because of a herpes virus on the lips, chin and cheeks.

Fortunately this baby was a few months old so she survived this awful bacteria, but the same thing happened to a baby in Queensland, and it died because when it was kissed on the mouth, it was only a few days old.But how to protect your baby from this?

Well, the oral herpes infection is mostly asymptomatic and most people are not even aware they have it until they actually see the herpes on their skin. It can even be accompanied by blisters or even open sores all around the mouth.

This is why, if one person has herpes, it is highly prohibited to kiss a baby, especially not on the mouth. However, just to stay in the clear, you should not let anyone kiss your baby.

But, if there happens to be a case where a newborn has been infected, the following symptoms are very likely to happen – irritability, fever, cold sores on the face and burning around the lips. So, if you happen to notice some of these signs, take your child into the hospital immediately. Doctors will know how to keep your baby safe, do not worry.