Kissing baby on his lips for some people is beautiful act of expressing tenderness and love, and for others unusual even repulsive. Gentle kisses are the best way of expressing love and devotion.

Many parents never kiss their children on the mouth and that habit considered strange and repulsive. American Academy of parodontology advice mothers to avoid kissing the baby in the mouth, because the mouth of the infant is no presence of bacteria that can cause damage to the teeth and periodontal disease and can easily be transmitted through simple kisses on the mouth.

Kiss your Baby

Kiss your Baby

The bacterium when it comes to the child’s mouth begins to converts sugar from food and liquids in acid that destroys teeth. Academy of General Dentistry claims that kissing can transmit up to 500 different types of bacteria, including those that cause gum disease, and it’s only a kiss between parent and child to carry these bacteria.

One mother decided to share her story to raise awareness to know why you never need to kiss baby lips.

Oral herpes can be fatal for newborn babies. HSV – 1 virus can cause fevers, liver damage, seizures and brain damage in young babies.

If baby doesn’t have immunity to the virus the consequence can be very serious. She noticed some sores on her baby’s mouth and headed straight to hospital.

Baby developed sores not just in the mouth but in her throat to. Thanks to her fast reaction, baby passed well. Doctors prescribed anti-viral drip and baby was back to health.

After this unpleasant event she decided to share it with the world and posted on Facebook. This post was often read and shared over 40.000 times.

In the post she told us do not let anyone kiss our babies on the mouth. Even they don’t look like a have cold sore, a big percentage of population caries the virus in themselves.

How to protect your baby from the herpes virus

It’s true that the risks of catching HSV – 1virus to your baby are small, but they are still here. You need to know this few steps to protect your baby.

  • Keep cold sores away

Ask your close friends or family not to visit you and your baby until they are cold sore free. Oral herpes is transmitted true infected saliva, skin or mucous membranes.

  • No kisses from people with cold sores

As we said the HSV – virus can be transmitted through saliva. So if you have cold sore don’t kiss your baby, also this is important to people around you to know this to.

  • Enforce hand washing

You and also your partner must wash your hands every time before touch your child. Also you need to ask that from all your friends and family who are around your baby.

Or you can try to keep bottle with hand sanitizer in your living room and ask from your visitors to use that.