Do you know what mean the term metabolism? It signifies energy consumption and it includes breathing work of the digestive system, building muscle, fat storage, blood circulation … In fact, all this is part of the physical process that is required to keep you alive.

Metabolism consists of two types of processes: anabolic – which means creation of cells and energy storage and catabolic, indicating decomposition of the molecules and their use for energy.

Increase your Metabolism

Increase your Metabolism

“I have a slow metabolism” – probably many times you’ve heard this from people who are struggling with excess weight.

Metabolism actually determines the amount of energy or calories that daily needs of the body. About 70% of those calories are used for basic body functions such as breathing, blood circulation, growth and recovery of cells and so on.

Additional 10% are used for digestion and absorption of food, and the rest (about 20%) serve to allow the body to be physically active.

These are some myths about the metabolism.

  1. Eating small meals through will speed up the immunity

This is false!

This is some myth that if you eat in every 2 or 3 hours you will speed up immunity.  It doesn’t matter how much meals you will eat per day, the metabolism will be the same.

  1. Low-calorie diet will lead to faster weight loss


A lot of people think that the less quantity of food you eat – the more weight you will lose. However if you eat food that is low with calories the quantity is not so important.

But if you eat food that is full with calories even a small quantity can gain your weight.

  1. All calories are not created equal

That is true!

You must know how much calories you take. Your body process different types of food in different ways. Some can be burned very fast and other very slow.

The proteins can be burned very fast. So is very important when you want to loss weight your diet to be composed from proteins.

  1. Eating late at night leads to weight gain

That is false!

There is some myth that if you eat after 6 pm you will start to lose weight. That is not true.

Your store can not store more fat at night, your body store more fats if you eat high calories and fatty food. So it is not so important if what time you eat, the most important thing is what you eat.