If you happen to be searching for a remedy that will help you improve your eyesight, hel you get a good night of sleep and even kill cancer, you have definitely come to the right place! Continue reading and you will find out what will help you alleviate all of these issues.

So, without ever knowing about it, many people throw out the seeds from the pumpkin, even though they are filled with nutrients. It is actually not a lot of work to clean them and roast them.

Improve Your Eyesight With This Seed

Improve Your Eyesight With This Seed

Learn about their nutrient facts and you will never throw them away. This is wny in addition we give you five amazing benefits from the pumpkin seeds.

  1. They will provide you with a boost in testosterone – these seeds are filled with vitamins B, C, D and E, which can all impact your libido. Also, they are filled with zinc, which boosts your testosterone, especially for the male sexual libido.
  2. They are packed with magnesium – the magnesium is considered to be the most functional mineral that has more than 300 functions for the human body. Unfortunately, most of the people in the USA lack this mineral because they have a bad dieting plan. Remember that the ½ cup of pumpkin seeds will give you 92% of your daily required magnesium dose.
  3. Alleviate your mood swings and hot flashes – the seeds contain tryptophan which helps the body create more serotonin in order to elevate your overall mood. Also, the magnesium in it will regulate the hot flashes and the temperature in your body too.
  4. Fight insomnia – the same compound, thyptophan, makes serotonin and melanin and will improve your sleep. Consume the pumpkin seeds and you will cure insomnia.
  5. Fight cancer – finally, the pumpkin seeds have cucurbitacins which will help you fight cancer.

There are more health benefits than these. Believe it or not, the pumpkin seeds are filled with a lot of amazing properties, such as minerals, like manganese, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, phosphorous, it contains antioxidants, they will help you if you are suffering from diabetes, and finally, they are antimicrobial, meaning that they will kill off all the fungi, microbes and viruses.

Also, studies have shown that these seeds, with the help of zinc, lignans and phytosterols can affect benign prostaic hyperplastia BPH.