What’s nice on woman’s body? The answer to this question changed over the years.

Beauty is in the eye of the individual, but those eyes see things that are completely different – depending on where you are in time and space.

Ideal Female Figure

Ideal Female Figure

We all have probably some idea how dressed women from different historical periods, but what type of body was considered best throughout the ages may not be so familiar.

Science is always trying to make us clear that point that skinny women don’t have the ideal female figure because the fashion industry requires them to be skinny as much as they can.

We would like to pass the fashion of corsets forever, although we have seen that many girls still adore them, regardless of  what and how many doctors warn that can be hazardous to your health?

If we observe the historical eras, we can note that exactly these examples of returning fashion pieces from the past, are many, and they are funny.

In every era there was a different trend in the female body that once again shows that “perfect female figure” never existed. Beauty and fashion, constantly subject to change.

Beauty is a product of the time and changed whenever there is great historical or cultural change.

Beauty is one of the basic tools that people use to present a certain image of themselves to the world, and because of that beauty trends give us a road map for values in a specific time and place in history.

In ancient Egypt they appreciated narrow shoulders and half in ancient Greece pale skin and wide hips at the time of the Italian Renaissance, obese were ideal, and in the last decade of the last century were considered perfect city athletic bodies like supermodels.

According to the survey conducted on 2,000 volunteers, the image of the ideal body has changed, so it is not desirable weak figures but strong and muscular bodies.

Most of the women surveyed say they want to have athletic bodies, compared to 10 percent who want to be weak.

A third of men think that the most attractive attributes among women in tight stomach like Rihanna and Gwen Stefani, followed by solid ass like the one Kelly Brook and solid thighs.

British actress and model Kelly Brook, scientists from the University of Texas declared the woman with the perfect body.

Namely, the gorgeous Kelly Brook in the assessment of scientists is described as a woman with a perfect figure, because it is 168 centimeters high and its proportions are 99-63-91.

Also significant impact on this conclusion there is the fact that Kelly is a natural beauty and she has never had an aesthetic correction.

Each historical period celebrated a certain shaped body, raising certain characteristics such as height, weight, richness, body symmetry and perfection.

Someone said: “An ideal female figure is like a vase, therefore is more expensive than the jug”. The beauty of women is often accompanied by criticism, admiration and inspiration.