Libido means need for sex. It varies from person to person, from male to female. Levels of libido decreases as people enter the middle years of life.

If you have a lower libido than that which is generally considered normal, then, eating the right types of food can help in terms of increased libido and increased sexual drive.Libido is controlled by hormones, the main key has hormone testosterone.

How to Increase your Libido

How to Increase your Libido

The level of testosterone production depends on zinc and vitamin B, which are present in many types of food. Over the years, it is greater input of these vitamins and minerals, because their concentration declines.

Thus, with the addition of several new types of food in the menu can increase libido. In particular, it is the case, when the diet is supplemented with a small amount of regular exercise.

You are wondering where is your libido and why so little desire to have sex? You are not alone, millions of women around the world go through the same thing, wondering if re-experience the passion and desire for sex as before.

The reasons for decreased libido in women are different from excessive stress, depression, receiving birth control pills, menopause, to the lack of communication and relationship problems. Decreased sexual desire can agonize and frustrate women much more, because they are harder to experience sexual arousal. However, there are several things you can do to increase your libido naturally.

  1. Remember the best sex you ever had

Get aside few minutes of your time and think again about moments of a thrilling sexual encounter with your partner when you were in seventh heaven. Think of the satisfaction you felt it and create your desire to relive it. It will increase your sexual appetite.

  1. Love yourself first

Dispose broad tracksuit tops and put something in which you feel sexy. Even if you are lazing around in front of the TV, make sure you look good. When you are going out, dress so that your partner can keep his eyes on you.

  1. Eat pine nuts

With pine nuts your body produces nitric oxide, which can dilate blood vessels. Getting your blood flowing warms the body and you feel rush of adrenaline.

  1. Get more zinc

Zinc is very important for production of testosterone, which is important for men’s libido. It maintains libido but also is increasing it.

  1. Avoid soy products

Soy products contain phytoestrogen which can block the estrogen receptors in the body. That means that your body can’t absorb the normal level of estrogen.

  1. Choose to feel intense love

You need to release all negative emotions and feel love.

  1. Give your libido as much thought as your appetite

When we think to start to eat, we remember first how hungry we are before eat. We can do the same with the sex drive. Check yourself and rate your sex drive from 1 to 10 per whole day.

  1. Make believe you just met your partner

Try to pretend that you are new couple. That will increase excitement and anticipation.

  1. Just say yes, even if you aren’t in right mood

Sometimes you feel sick or not feeling the best, but the act of sex can help you bond with your partner in a intimate way.

  1. Watch a sex movie

Viewing nude bodies doing pleasurable things to each other you desire to do this with your partner to. Ask your partner to watch this kind of movie together and later enjoy.

  1. Use all your senses

Pamper “your senses because they have a direct impact on your libido. Listen to music you listened to when your desire for sex was great.

Choose fragrance that makes you breathe deeply and sighing and buy essential oils or candles with the scent. Watch a romantic movie that will stimulate your imagination. Bind him the eyes of your partner to be able to focus on their senses.

So many people close their eyes in the foreplay. But in that way they are missing the eye contact that can be very intimate moment and increase libido. Try to breathe through your nose, feel the finger and your partner’s hands, taste his skin.

  1. Make dirty jokes

Jokes with each other and cute name that you are giving when you are alone can affect your libido in positive way.

  1. Touch more

Just a touch of your partner’s hand, back or shoulder can get them thinking of sex.

  1. Open up

Honest communication is very important for your relationship and intimacy.

  1. Think sexy thoughts

Think about thinks that turn you on about your partner. For example his body, things on his body.