Vertigo is a term commonly used to describe several different subjective conditions related to impaired balance in the patient. Vertigo is when you feel that you or your surroundings are moving, but actually there is no real movement.

Then you have trouble walking or standing to lose balance and fall. That is not a pleasant feeling, and can disrupt your daily life.When you have vertigo try to find focus point as soon as you start to feel dizzy.

How to Fix Vertigo

How to Fix Vertigo

If you feel dizzy, sit, lie down or stand and focus on an object on a wall or piece of furniture. Do not move, until you restore balance to the body.

Rapid and jerk standing up can cause a drop in blood pressure.Some medications can cause dizziness. So if you are taking any medication, check whether it can be a side effect of medications.

If you think your sense of vertigo is caused by your medications, talk to your doctor about side-effects, alternative medicine, as well as an opportunity to change your dose.Change your diet to reduce vertigo.

Caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes can cause dizziness, so be careful with their use. Too sweet or salty foods can also affect your body’s ability to maintain balance.

Drink water to get rid of vertigo. Dehydration is a common cause of dizziness, especially during exercise, in warm weather, and with large temperature differences. Be aware of situations where you can become dehydrated in a short time (sweating, alcohol consumption, losing body fluids in disease).

See a doctor as soon as possible if you have frequent or long-lasting dizzy, or if you experience dizziness with any of the following symptoms: loss of consciousness, difficulty walking, weakness in the legs or arms, difficulty speaking, vision, numbness, severe headache, severe ear pain, fever, chest pain.

In this video you can see instruction how to fix vertigo. This simple treatment has around 2 million views on YouTube. Here we will explain this video in few words but you must also see it.

Try to tilt your head back and you can look at the ceiling. Then try to positioning your head like when you are preparing to do a somersault. When your head is upside down position, turn to your left elbow. Lift your head to back level. Wait to pass the dizziness and then sit back.