Nowadays people are exposed to a lot of different products that contain substances harmful for their health. Many of these can be found in our homes.

The only way people will avoid exposing to these products are strict security measures in order to obtain a health guarantee.

Household Products

Household Products

  1. Artificial sweeteners

Many people think is better to switch from sugar to sweeteners. The natural sweeteners are healthy, but there are some that aren’t.

  • Aspartame: related to skin cancer
  • Saccharin: related to bladder cancer
  • Acesulfame K: affects pregnancy and causes tumors
  • Sorbitol: causes swelling, gases and diarrheas

Here are some natural sweeteners that we recommend to you:

  • Xylitol: improves bone density and recuses the risk of dental caries
  • Yacon syrup: feeds the good bacteria in the bowels
  • Stevia: lowers the blood pressure and the sugar levels
  1. Air fresheners

Air fresheners are chemical products that are used in order to keep house and chops clean. Some cleaning substances are necessary to keep us clean, but the can cause health problems.

  • Respiratory disorders and asthma
  • Hormonal problems

We recommend mixture of baking soda and vinegar for cleaning. They don’t provoke secondary effects and they fight bacteria such as E. coli and Staph salmonella.

  1. Head and Shoulders – anti- dandruff shampoo

Ammonium sulfate and methylchloroisothiazolinone are present in this shampoo. They can cause health issues, so we recommend a homemade shampoo that is completely natural.

Mix five tablespoons of a regular shampoo and add three springs of rosemary and same amount of cypress, 5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. This shampoo can help you to eliminate dandruff.

  1. Antibacterial soap

This type of soaps are used to get rid of the bad bacteria and germs. Studies have shown that these soaps contain Triclosan, an ingredient that can cause problems like:

  • Increased risk of infertility and cancer
  • Interference with hormonal levels

Homemade soaps are very good for skin health and health in general. Here is a way how to prepare one:

  1. Using a standard grater, grate a chemical- free soap
  2. Melt the soap on a low heat
  3. Add 30 drops of some essential oil to the melted soap
  4. Pour the mixture in a suitable container to dry
  5. Pick an essential oil such as: lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, clove, lemons and tea tree.