The next time you’re on a plane and have a window seat, take a close look at the window. What you’ll see is that it is comprised out of three panes. Why is that so?

We are all aware of the perks that come with a window seat when you are flying on a plane, but let’s be honest here, when you have a long flight ahead of you, you are bound to look out that window more than you think. This is where you actually start noticing some new things about what you see outside and most importantly, what you’re looking through.

Hole on your Plane Window

Hole on your Plane Window

This is when you notice the tiny hole in the window.

Well, first of all, the hole is not there for aesthetic disruption. But instead, the hole is created and located there in order to keep the passengers safe. How come? It all comes down to the pressure.

The higher the altitude, the lower the level of oxygen. This can lead to people being ill and experiencing shortness of breath.

At an enormous altitude of 35.000 feet, the pressure of the air is so low that anyone, upon being exposed to it, would pass out in an instant. This is why the cabin of the plane needs to be pressurized much more than the outside air is.

This is very good for the passengers, but not so great for the plane, which needs a way to release at least some of the strain this pressure puts on the aircraft. This is where these tiny holes step on the stage.

If you take a closer look at your plane window, you will see that it comprised not out of one, but out of three durable panes. According to a pilot from the British Airways, the innermost pane is served to protect the second and the third pane, which are basically designed to contain the difference between the outside air and the air inside the plane.

So, the so called bleed hole serves in order to allow the pressure to be balanced, between the cabin and the gap between the panes. There are other functions of this hole, such as minimizing the frost or condensation or releasing the moisture. Do you want to know the other functions of this hole better? Check it all out and be amazed!