The Himalayan salt is one of the purest forms of salt and the best sources on the planet when it comes to natural minerals. It is much more beneficial than the regular bleached salt we use for our food every day.

This popular type of salt derives from the Himalayas, from the tallest mountains in the world, spanning about 2400 kilometers across Asia, at the joining of the tectonic plates of India and Eurasia.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

Over 250 million years ago, at that very spot a sea existed, with its own ecosystem. But, as time passed, the plates moved and pushed the Himalayas toward the heavens, making the sea evaporate and crystallizing the minerals from the sea into the Himalayan salt.

The Himalayan salt offers a variety of health benefits which you can use if you want to boost the health of your body. Additionally to this, we present you with some of the benefits:

  • First and foremost, when this salt is added to a bath or warm water, it provides your body with important nutrients and works as a powerful detox method. When the salt dissolves in water, it becomes an ionic solution that helps with the elimination of the toxins on the skin.
  • Because the Himalayan salt is high in sodium, it has the ability to significantly lower your blood pressure. When you use the Himalayan salt, your body has an easier time processing the minerals. Your body will not be needing the excess amount of water to to clear out the sodium, leading to your body not retaining as much water and not working as hard as before.
  • Returning to the salt mineral baths, other than being an excellent way to relax at the end of the day, your body will be infused with plenty of minerals which provide hydration to the skin. The skin is soaking up the minerals from the water, and this is a better process than consuming the same minerals orally. If you want to enrich your bath, the Himalayan salt should definitely be your first and only choice.
  • What you probably did not know by now is that the salt contains nutrients that increase the ability of the gastrointestinal tract to absorb nutrients. Better digestion equals feeling less hungry equals losing more weight. Trading your table salt with Himalayan pink salt will definitely help you get there.
  • Do you know what sole is? It is a brine solution of water filled with unrefined natural salt. In this form, it provides the body with proper hydration. Essentially, mixing Himalayan salt with water is like preparing the perfect sports drink for yourself. The Himalayan pink salt contains 85% sodium chloride, 15% traces of potassium, magnesium, calcium and bicarbonate. These electrolytes help the body obtain its proper function, and regulate the bodily fluids. All sports drinks contain these electrolytes in one or more than one of their forms. The body results them in a faster manner, resulting in a faster and better hydration.
  • The minerals in the salt help the body maintain healthy and strong bones, as well as connective tissues, along with proper blood circulation and muscle regeneration. In order to restore your health, especially if you are prone to bone fractures, mental fatigue, arthritis, chilled extremities, then you definitely must consume the Himalayan salt regularly.
  • This salt can soothe your cramped muscles too. The minerals fortify every part of your body, reducing the soreness. The trace minerals which are absorbed through the skin even help the damaged muscle heal faster.
  • Finally, we are aware than many people suffer from unbalanced pH levels. This can lead to many serious health problems – weight gaining, deficiency of the immune system, bone density and kidney stones. You can test your pH levels with test strips, and the normal pH levels in the body should be 7. it is lower in the morning but slightly higher in the afternoon. To treat this issue with irregular pH levels, consuming Himalayan salt is one of the few things that can actually help. The Himalayan pink salt sole is alkaline and can be used as an antacid. You can neutralize the stomach acids with it in an instant.