The Himalayan salt is considered to be one of the healthiest salt types known to mankind, because it is layered far from any form of pollution. The salt beds are layered deep in the Himalayan Mountains, and some even refer to this particular type of salt as pink gold salt.

It has been praised since the dawn of time, and people have always used it as a part of their dieting plans.When it is exposed to high temperatures, the Himalayan salt block develops a sort of a patina, the same way the cast iron skilled does. The Himalayan salt is filled with iron, calcium, and believe it or not, 84 different trace minerals.

Healthiest Salt

Healthiest Salt

This particular pink salt is rich in 84 different elements that can in a natural way be found in the human body. This means that by consuming the Himalayan salt on a regular basis, you will provide your body with all the minerals it needs in order to work at an optimal level.

Also, the Himalayan pink salt contains calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium, and to top that off, it is low in sodium, meaning it will make up for a great substitute for the regular salt on your table. The minerals which are incorporated in tiny particles of colloidal size, meaning that your body can absorb them and metabolize them in an easier way.

The pink salt will make your food tasty

Try preparing your food with Himalayan salt, and you will be amazed by the taste of it. There is not a possible way for you to over season or under season your food, it will simply be delicious.

It has antimicrobial powers

The Himalayan salt blocks are considered to be the safest cooking utensils you will ever get, so, this means that this particular pink salt will act as an antimicrobial agent, and its main purpose is to preserve the food by destroying all the microbes.

It is temperature resistant

The blocks of Himalayan salt can undergo high temperatures and survive them. You can literally chill them in your fridge, and use it to serve cold cuts and food.

You can even set it on your grill or stove and cook your food on it! It will be amazing believe us! The experts have confirmed that the Himalayan salt blocks will work well in the temperatures between -17C to 482C.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the sudden changes in temperature may be able to damage your block. This is why it should rest for a period of 24 days between each time you use it.

You can cook on your Himalayan salt block

Place the salt block on your grill or on your gas stove is probably the best way to use it. You should ever try putting it in your oven.

If you decide to use it on your gas stove, turn the heat on low, then gradually increase it, and your salt block will reach a temperature of 149 degrees after a period of half an hour. Heat up the block for 40 minutes before every use, and before cleaning it, let if cool off completely.