Castor oil and baking soda are common household ingredients which have been used in the treatment of numerous ailments for many years. The castor oil has been shown to be even more successful in curing various health conditions than many conventional medicines.

Due to its ability to stimulate the blood circulation, this oil serves as a powerful coating agent. In order to make a castor oil compress, you need warm water, gauze, towel, and plastic wrap.

Health Problems

Health Problems

First, you should mix some baking soda with water, and use the solution to clean the area you are treating. Then, you should heat the castor oil in a saucepan and soak the gauze in it.

Apply the gauze directly onto the affected area and cover it with a plastic wrap. Next, you should place a bottle of warm water on the area, wrap it with a towel, and let it stay for an hour.

Repeat the process for 40 days, and change the compress when needed. This remedy can provide you with many health benefits.

Health Benefits of Castor Oil and Baking Soda

The castor oil and baking soda compress can be used for treating many health problems. Here are some health benefits that these ingredients offer:

  • Treat chronic hoarseness and vocal cord nodules (apply the compress on your neck)
  • Cure Athlete’s foot and various other fungal infections (use the castor oil compress on a daily basis)
  • Treat injured ankles
  • Remove pilonidal cysts
  • Reduce itching and swelling caused by bug bites
  • Heal cuts, burns, and bruises
  • Stop snoring (apply the compress on your stomach for 2 weeks)
  • Treat hepatitis
  • Relieve back pain (apply the castor oil compress on your back)
  • Eliminate dark spots on your face
  • Treat diarrhea (apply the compress on your stomach)
  • Remove moles
  • Eliminate warts
  • Reduce hyperactivity (apply the castor oil compress on your stomach)
  • Treat cancer