Sodium bicarbonate known as baking soda is a chemical compound that is a white solid crystalline. It can often appear as a powder. Baking soda has an alkaline and salty taste.

Natural deposits of sodium bicarbonate has been used in ancient Egypt for making paint for the hieroglyphics. John Dwight and Austin Church from New York, established the first baking soda developing factory in 1846.

Heal Your Kidneys

Heal Your Kidneys

Today baking soda is used for all sorts of things, from cleaning and cooking, toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant and even medical practices.

Medical Uses of Baking Soda Include

  • Baking soda can elevate the pH levels
  • Allergic reactions from poison ivy/ sumac can be treated with a paste made form baking soda and water
  • The removal of splinters can be helped by the baking soda
  • Kidney failure that is treated with addition of sodium bicarbonate can decrease the progression of the disease.

Our bodies, the pancreas and kidneys produce bicarbonate for kidney protection, so sodium bicarbonate is essential for our overall health. If we have a decline in bicarbonate production, acid will build- up in our bodies and our bodies have trouble to neutralize this build-up.

In this point begins the cellular deterioration, this means that our body will need a treatment that will remove the acid build- up and supply the needed levels of nutrients, water and oxygen.

Patients with kidney disease usually suffer from low bicarbonate levels. This medical condition is called metabolic acidosis.3 million people suffer from chronic kidney disease in the UK. 37.800 of those patients require renal replacement therapy and this may cost up to $45.165 per year.

A study conducted in hospital in Royal London made the first controlled test in a clinical setting. British team of doctors found that sodium bicarbonate can dramatically slow the effect of kidney disease.

They say for the press that the result are amazing and that appropriately using of baking soda can be very effective.A small group out of 134 patients that had advanced kidney disease were given a tablet daily.

The tablet was made of a small amount of sodium bicarbonate, and they had to take it for a year. This group had 2/3 slower decline of health than the others.Researchers say that this is a cheap and simple way to boost your body to fight with the kidneys disease.

Because the baking soda is not classed as a drug, no one tried this study before. The researchers say that will conduct further testing including a placebo group.