Hand sanitizers are all around as. There are people that are carrying and mini bottles of hand sanitizers with them. If we see on their labels we will read that kills 99 % of germs.

But that doesn’t mean that is quite safe for our health.FDA asked from companies that product hand soaps and hand sanitizers to produce a multitude of safety data.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

They required this:

  • proof from companies that product does not affect pregnant women;
  • that the product does not aid the development of antibacterial resistance,
  • that the product does not have significant hormonal effects.

FDA asked this because they are concerned that triclosan, which is an ingredient in some hand sanitizers can have hormonal effects. Also may alter thyroid and reproductive system of newborns.

There is an association between triclosan in antibacterial soaps that cause lower weight babies. Triclosan hinders an enzyme that is linked to the hormone estrogen, which is worrying, given that estrogen plays a key role in brain development and regulation of genes.

Some studies show that additives antibacterial soaps contribute to antibiotic resistance, which is a major health problem.

It also indicates how harmful chemicals are for the sperm, which is confirmed by the Danish and German scientists, who tested nearly 100 chemicals that are used daily and which found that every third chemical has a negative influences on sperm.They are just some of harmful effects that can have hand sanitizers.

Here Are Some Tips That Will Explain you Why you Don’t Need to Use Hand Sanitizers

  1. Harms your skin

These products contain a lot of alcohol in them. We all know that alcohol have drying effect and he is harmful for your skin. Glycerin also can irritate your skin.

Other ingredients such as glucol and acetate also can damage your skin. Most popular soaps destroy lipids and water from your skin. Deodorants and antibacterial soaps are most damaging, they dry out the scalp.

  1. Can create resistant bacteria

When we are overdosing with antibiotics it can lead to the development of bacteria that is resistant to the element. The more same bacteria is exposed to the same element, the higher is chance that she will have diminished effect.

  1. It contains potentially dangerous chemicals

As we said sanitizers contain alcohol and the most harmful chemical triclosan. Not only them. They can contain phthalates and parabens that can disrupt hormonal production. When we use the product all this harmful chemicals are getting in our skin.

  1. Can increase absorption of bad chemicals

One of that ingredient is Bisphenol. She can damage endocrine system. Also she can prevent cancer, diabetes, infertility, heart disease.

  1. Soap and water work almost well

Most experts recommended using soap and water. But there are situation that is beneficial to use sanitizer, such as healthcare setting. Also FDA recommended to use soap and water instead antibacterial soap, and they claim that there is not big difference.